CSA threatening to take me to court even though I pay them

December 8, 2016

I will keep it brief. But still totally true.

Paid over £30k in 16 years for two children, by means of payments made direct to the children and cash to the mother.

Mother made bankrupt as a spendaholic.

Got a letter on the 8/11/16 saying if you don’t pay £10k you will be sent to court, rang them and said I have sent a 20 page report to you showing my payments and other evidence. They said they had lost it. I said how do I prevent going to court they said make a payment today over the phone now, okay paid £100.00 and every week thereafter.

Got a letter today saying your off to court on the 21/12/16 for none payment, rang them and was told your weekly payments don’t count.


Spiteful CSA don’t really care and just make up the numbers

December 4, 2016

My partner has been separated from his ex (which he has 3 children to) now for 11 yrs. I’ve been with him for 9 yrs. he has always paid maitenance since they were born. Unfortunately he had been very slack and never done his tax return since separated from his ex but was still paying a great sum of child support every week. I’ve been on his case to get it done and to also contact CSA about the extreme high amount of maitenance he’s been paying considering 2 of these children are over 18 and working and the third one is 15 yrs old, working and not even living with the mother and is living with his older brother.

So 3 weeks ago he contacted CSA and the guy he spoke to was very rude. When my partner informed the guy that neither of the children are now living with the mother he replied with..”Well it’s her word over yours and we’ll take her word anyday.” The guy also informed my partner that he also has overdue payment of $44,809.00!!!!!… Then a week later he receives a letter saying his payments have now DOUBLED and he now also has an overdue payment of $53,929.42!!!.. That’s an increase of $9120.42 in just a week. My partner has also supported me majority of the time we’ve been together as he likes me to travel with him and his job. With the amount he now pays her barely leaves enough money just to cover our rent but leaves nothing for food or day to day living. And what’s made it worse is Xmas is only 3 weeks away. We usually have the kids every Xmas but simply can not afford it this year. He has also finally gone and done his tax but seeing as his ex will end up with it all he has to firstly pay to get it processed and there’s no money left to do that. I’m now looking for work again but is concerned that my pay will once again increase his child support payments.

I find this hard to swallow as I’ve been on the other side of the fence where the father of my child has only started paying child support since my child turned 16. And the only time I do get paid is when he is unemployed and they deduct his Centrelink. I get a whole $44.00 a fortnight. When he’s working I don’t get a thing. The system just gets me angry as hell. It works overtime for some and not at all for others. It’s wrong!!!. So could you please tell me if I work will my money get taken to pay his ex?

CMS is on a mission to get as much money as it can

December 3, 2016

I have recently been on the phone to the CMS and got no where with them. I have arrears from when i was out of work and now i’m back in work the blood suckers are after all they can, i agree that farthers/Mothers should pay and support there children but i dont agree with is paying CMS as well, it should be the parents who have the children full time and the ones who set the claim up with CMS that should pay the 20% and the ones who are paying the CMS should get to pay the 4% that way the ones with full time care will leave the CMS out of it and go straight to the paying parent.My EX don’t care about paying the 4% it only works out about 56p a week for her but for myself its about £12 a week.if they swapped it around everybody would leave the blood sucking sods out of it .

Challenge the CSA at your peril!

December 2, 2016

I’ve been paying CSA for the last 10 years and do not have a problem with any of it however…..Challenge them at your peril!.

As soon as they make a mistake they act like they are God!.

My existing arrangements has been ended and I’ve now been contact by the Child Maintenance service despite the CSA providing a shcedule for me to pay up to next July.

The new service has contact the HRMC and used my last year Salary. I have informed them that I changed my job over 15 motnhs ago and no longer earn the amount they have been told by the HRMC. I’ve even told them that I can provide my payslips for 15 motnhs to prove this. Their repsonse is to advise that because my new salary (which is £7,000 less per anum) is “within 25% of the figure they have been given” they cannot alter it. I’ve been through the entire legislation with a fine tooth comb and found that if there is a material fact that is incorrect they MUST change it. they do not appear to use common sense or logic.

CSA say I owe arrears from 14 years ago with no data to prove it

December 1, 2016

I have just received a letter from the CSA in regards to arrears that I owe from 14 year’s ago. I paid child support to the courts before the csa took control then I paid them via my pay. At one time I did have arrears, but when I returned to work this was cleared, I carried on paying until my child was 18. ?

I had closure of this by post and thought this was the end of that.

About 3 months ago I received a letter from them stating that I owe monies, I called to them in had paid all that was owed and they girl told me it was a computer error and to eqnore this.

After two more months again I had letter from them, I put this in the bin as probably an error again. One more month passes and yet again you guessed a demand letter. I called to be assured that I owe arrears, puzzled I tried to explain that I had paid all owed, but no resonning with this person, just threat to take direct from earnings. Please can you tell me the dates of the areas no comment just you owe. How much do I owe “2500 “within a second but couldn’t give me data. I have told them that I am willing to pay if owed but would like a complete breakdown of dates the arrears, to this you will have to pay asap and we will send correspondence when we have them.

Is this anyway to treat people?

Can anyone help me with correct procedures to take, as soon much time has passed I don’t have any paperwork regarding this.

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