CMS is on a mission to get as much money as it can

December 3, 2016

I have recently been on the phone to the CMS and got no where with them. I have arrears from when i was out of work and now i’m back in work the blood suckers are after all they can, i agree that farthers/Mothers should pay and support there children but i dont agree with is paying CMS as well, it should be the parents who have the children full time and the ones who set the claim up with CMS that should pay the 20% and the ones who are paying the CMS should get to pay the 4% that way the ones with full time care will leave the CMS out of it and go straight to the paying parent.My EX don’t care about paying the 4% it only works out about 56p a week for her but for myself its about £12 a week.if they swapped it around everybody would leave the blood sucking sods out of it .


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