CSA say I owe arrears from 14 years ago with no data to prove it

December 1, 2016

I have just received a letter from the CSA in regards to arrears that I owe from 14 year’s ago. I paid child support to the courts before the csa took control then I paid them via my pay. At one time I did have arrears, but when I returned to work this was cleared, I carried on paying until my child was 18. ?

I had closure of this by post and thought this was the end of that.

About 3 months ago I received a letter from them stating that I owe monies, I called to them in had paid all that was owed and they girl told me it was a computer error and to eqnore this.

After two more months again I had letter from them, I put this in the bin as probably an error again. One more month passes and yet again you guessed a demand letter. I called to be assured that I owe arrears, puzzled I tried to explain that I had paid all owed, but no resonning with this person, just threat to take direct from earnings. Please can you tell me the dates of the areas no comment just you owe. How much do I owe “2500 “within a second but couldn’t give me data. I have told them that I am willing to pay if owed but would like a complete breakdown of dates the arrears, to this you will have to pay asap and we will send correspondence when we have them.

Is this anyway to treat people?

Can anyone help me with correct procedures to take, as soon much time has passed I don’t have any paperwork regarding this.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    The Csa have been doing this for years. They deliberately invent arrears and then try to claim them back from you years later, or as many, many thousands of fathers are finding, they are suddenly appearing when your case moves to Cms. You must demand that at they supply with a full audit of your account along with copies of all assessment calculations. You will most likely find that they kept charging you for a full assessment every month when you were out of work or on benefits despite them having been informed of this. Also get your MP to put a formal complaint in to the Head of DWP and to the National Audit Office. Formal complaints of this fraudulant accounting by the Csa were lodged with the National Audit Office many years ago, and hence they have refused to sign off the Csa’s accounts in each and every year since its inception. See also my post ‘Fictitious Arrears’

  • colin Penn says:

    contact your mp asap

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