CSA threatening to take me to court even though I pay them

December 8, 2016

I will keep it brief. But still totally true.

Paid over £30k in 16 years for two children, by means of payments made direct to the children and cash to the mother.

Mother made bankrupt as a spendaholic.

Got a letter on the 8/11/16 saying if you don’t pay £10k you will be sent to court, rang them and said I have sent a 20 page report to you showing my payments and other evidence. They said they had lost it. I said how do I prevent going to court they said make a payment today over the phone now, okay paid £100.00 and every week thereafter.

Got a letter today saying your off to court on the 21/12/16 for none payment, rang them and was told your weekly payments don’t count.