Spiteful CSA don’t really care and just make up the numbers

December 4, 2016

My partner has been separated from his ex (which he has 3 children to) now for 11 yrs. I’ve been with him for 9 yrs. he has always paid maitenance since they were born. Unfortunately he had been very slack and never done his tax return since separated from his ex but was still paying a great sum of child support every week. I’ve been on his case to get it done and to also contact CSA about the extreme high amount of maitenance he’s been paying considering 2 of these children are over 18 and working and the third one is 15 yrs old, working and not even living with the mother and is living with his older brother.

So 3 weeks ago he contacted CSA and the guy he spoke to was very rude. When my partner informed the guy that neither of the children are now living with the mother he replied with..”Well it’s her word over yours and we’ll take her word anyday.” The guy also informed my partner that he also has overdue payment of $44,809.00!!!!!… Then a week later he receives a letter saying his payments have now DOUBLED and he now also has an overdue payment of $53,929.42!!!.. That’s an increase of $9120.42 in just a week. My partner has also supported me majority of the time we’ve been together as he likes me to travel with him and his job. With the amount he now pays her barely leaves enough money just to cover our rent but leaves nothing for food or day to day living. And what’s made it worse is Xmas is only 3 weeks away. We usually have the kids every Xmas but simply can not afford it this year. He has also finally gone and done his tax but seeing as his ex will end up with it all he has to firstly pay to get it processed and there’s no money left to do that. I’m now looking for work again but is concerned that my pay will once again increase his child support payments.

I find this hard to swallow as I’ve been on the other side of the fence where the father of my child has only started paying child support since my child turned 16. And the only time I do get paid is when he is unemployed and they deduct his Centrelink. I get a whole $44.00 a fortnight. When he’s working I don’t get a thing. The system just gets me angry as hell. It works overtime for some and not at all for others. It’s wrong!!!. So could you please tell me if I work will my money get taken to pay his ex?


  • Peter Anderson says:

    These are ‘fictitious’ arrears. The Csa is well known for ‘inventing’ arrears, and years later they suddenly demand payment thereof, even though your account is up to date, or when your case transfers to Cms. I reported them to the National Audit Office some twelve years ago for their continual ‘false accounting’. Thousands of people are affected, and the National Audit Office has refused to sign off any of their annual accounts. Indeed the situation is so bad the Csa is being closed down, yet Cms has started up and is already inventing arrears on father’s accounts. Not surprising when you go and employ the same people.You must demand a full audit of your account along with copies of all assessment calculations right back to its inception. Separately send off for your complete datafile, ‘Subject Access Request’ under the Data Protection Act. Also lodge formal complaint of their false accounting, via your MP, with both the head of DWP and the National Audit Office

  • Woody says:

    Hi guys,
    Email me with your email address and I will give you a contact address and phone number of someone to contact from csa.


  • Megs Perkinson says:

    Hi Woody
    My email address is
    [email protected]
    Thank you as we’d appreciate any help we can get.


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