Am I due a review or not?

April 24, 2014

For the November 2010 my ex husband has been paying £425 per month for his children.

Since the arrangement was made by CSA, his wages have gone up considerably.

He also never paid the arrears.

Am I due a review on this or not?!

It’s breaking my children’s hearts

April 23, 2014

I’m supposed to have visitations with my 2 beautiful children on holidays they live with their dad, but he doesnt allow it.

He uses it as a way to control me since I left him due to abuse.

It breaks my heart but even worse it breaks my kids heart!!

What do I do??? And at what age can they have say???

How can I prove that my son is no longer in education?

April 23, 2014

My son who is 17 has dropped out of college and is currently at home with his mother.

My son has told me that his tutour is aware he is not carrying on but not the child benefit agency.

How can I proof he has finished college and update the child benefit agency?

His employer gets the interest while I can barely keep my head above water

April 23, 2014

I am at my wits end… My daughter is 15 and for 12 years I have had nothing off her father.

In November I contacted CSA and they eventually calculated my monthly amount I asked for the money to be paid into my bank account!!

By January still nothing I rang them again and was told the father had told them he would pay me monthly I told them I had received nothing and wanted direct from employer as told in November after CSA called him they arranged payment from earnings.

By this time the arrears are 4 months over!!!! I received a payment schedule payment on 4/4/14 I am still waiting!!! My daughters father said the amount has been deducted from his wage on 16th fen and march but I have received nothing!!

Rang CSA and was informed the employer can hold onto it till the 19th of the following month. Meanwhile the arrears are mounting!!

He gets to live quite lavishly while I am barely keeping above water!! The customer service at CSA is poor all they say is do not rely on it I said what do I rely on??? This is my money and the only person benefitting is the employer who is accumulating interest!! Please help!!!!

The ex claims that he can’t afford to pay anything

April 22, 2014

My ex partner is not paying any money at all towards the upkeep of his 6 yr old daughter.

He isn’t working, gets £1,000 a month in benefits and lives in a house worth £200,000 and claims he can’t afford to pay me a thing towards his daughter’s upkeep.

Please can you advise me?

I can’t see my daughter getting even a penny

April 22, 2014

My case started in 2007 since then ive had a couple of £5 payments for my two children even though my daughters dad has been working for the last four years.

I have giving all details employees name address contact number as well as my exes details he earns about £400 a week yet they still cant get a payment every time they call they say they have new powers yo get the money bailiffs liability order etc.

When i question why im still to receive a payment i get told they don’t have the power to do anything.

Given up on my daughters ever getting a penny now while we watch him walking around in new clothes having new bathroom and kitchen fitted, latest phone.

Could I limit the time they see my ex for a reduction in CSA?

April 22, 2014

I’m not really getting along with my sons father of late and previously have tried to keep things amicable by sharing the drop offs and pick ups.

I have heard from other single mothers that this is not my responsibility.

Is there any chance I can stop this arrangement with my sons father and reduce his csa payments to cover fuel costs?

The father let his children struggle

April 21, 2014

Ex husband self employed for years now managed not too pay maintance for my 2 children when they were younger,it was worked out that he pay £6.oo for our son.

He has a account im sure which must work well for him as he does earn a good wage so does his wife they also have a son together.

How on earth has this happened?

He left me to struggle,not give our kids the best.

The dad should be neutered

April 21, 2014

No payments of CSA for 17 years, apparently been paid to the DWP although not receive any benefits for 10 years.

Had to get an MP involved still waiting…….

Father should be neutered as unable to contribute in any shape or form and keeps breeding letting more kids down..

Absolutely disgraceful!

Advice: can someone be named the father without proof?

April 21, 2014

In order to be a named parent, the person in care of the child will need to bring evidence that you are the real father of the child.

Either by having your name on birth certificate (you cannot register a father’s name without being married or without his consent) -accredited DNA testing -court order.

After mother bringing evidence(DNA, birth certificate re-registered etc) then the mother will have to re-claim , but having you on csa will give you rights as you can go to court and claim custody.

If you are not named on the birth certificate, she will have to take a court order to make you give a DNA sample.

All this process can last for about a year.

If she is someone little hungry for money, but not allowing you to be in you childs life, you can make a claim and get a court order. Most of this woman , just want a bit of extra cash, using this as a weapon against man for their crashed relationships.

I am a wife and my husband has a stupid claim from his ex-girlfriend.

It looks like now she can’t put her paws on our money as if she goes to court she will have to pay for the paternity test 250 pounds.

Top of that it looks like she’s been preganant 11 months:) So my suggestion , deny paternity , don’t pay a penny, and let her drag you to court to get a dna testing.

CSA will force you to take DNA testing, only if you are named on birth certificate ,there is a court order or you have been married at the time of conception.

I hope this will discourage the gold diggers.

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