We both agree that CSA is too much so how can we leave?

April 27, 2014

My ex is the pwc of our son both of us hav come to an agreement on a fair amount to pay for him.

We were using csa but they were making me pay so much I can’t afford to pay the rent.

We spoke and she agrees it’s too much.

How do we leave csa system?

How can I see my son if the ex ignores everything?

April 27, 2014

Hi my son is now 16 and i have not seen him in 5 years.

My ex moved a away and did not tell me where she has moved to she still wants 300 a month csa make sure i pay it.

I have tried to find them but cant even though i have parental responsibility order which cost me 10.000 in court fees and solicitors fees my ex has ignored every thing

I admitted that the child is mine but now I’m not so sure

April 26, 2014

I had a one night stand with someone who said that they couldn’t get pregnant but low and behold she did and gave birth to a girl.

I tried to step up and do the right thing but was recovering from cancer and depression and next thing I know she had got the csa on to me and because my mind was in the wrong place I just said that yes she was mine..

Soon after she got with someone else and again became pregnant. I’ve been having serious doubts that the baby is mine but have no contact with the mother.

My name is not on the birth certificate and I’ve been paying every week since… Help????

At least if I was put in prison someone might listen to me!

April 26, 2014

After paying csa for a while I got laid off and couldn’t keep up the payments that I was paying. After speaking to someone was told a note would be made!

How wrong was I to believe this was the case and them nice people at the CSa was actually helping me!after two months of not being in work I finally found a job on paye not self employed,at a wage decrease of 12,000 a year just for the continuity of work and wages with a salary,this is where the head ache really begins!

I rang CSa to inform them I had a new job on less money but was willing to keep payments as set before as they was fair and reasonable and what they had set, CSa told me to send payslips for the whole of march and April and as we was only in February I said this was not possible as we hadn’t even been through these months.

Maybe its me but apparently this wasn’t except able and this was the information they needed to re asses me as now I have no expenses being paye, I have gave them my employers details the wage slips I had 3 times now and after chasing CSa for 2 months for an answer.

I get told we told you you will have new figure in 7 days then another person says 28 days, when I explain that could I have a rough amount to pay they say we can’t give you that information,hence arrears build up and for some reason almost as if plucked out the air my arrears now stand at over 1000 pound.

Now I’m not einestien but that is even after what I was due to pay highly inflated to scare me.i finally got a new figure of 78 a week but they had done that on my last tax return try explaining I’m employed now and have a salary is like going up the garden path and talking to the fence post.

Anyway the figure I have worked out on my wages at the 15% I worked it out too 55 a week, which after my own living cost and providing for my son leaves me with £16 a week to live!

I’ve been told that I will new to pay at least £50 a week off arrears, can’t get blood out of a stone!

Saying should be changed to can’t get an answer out of CSa! After 3 months of chasing CSa and getting no where no answers I really feel it will be better for them to put me in prison at least I might have a chance to fight my corner n be heard!

All I want to do is provide for my son fair amount so he is happy fed n clothed and not be spoken to like a irresponsible father who doesn’t care, to be spoken over and told “our hands are tied by law” to have an understanding that if you say about child poverty ( this country has a benefit system in place) what about adult poverty through the sheer lack of knowledge mis information the aggression to grind you down attitude.

Not all separated dads are the same, I want to pay pay on time the right amount!

How can I fight my ex’s lies without my family hating me?

April 26, 2014

I’m currently going through a bitter divorce in Glasgow Sheriff Court. In 2011 my wife fabricated an assault charge in order to have me removed from the family home.

I was later cleared of all charges but couldn’t return to the family home for fear of a repeat performance by her. She refuses to allow my three sons to see me and has told them lies about me.

I was successful in gaining contact with my daughter through the courts and with the help of a child psychologist which cost a small fortune.

As soon as my wife got me out she filed claims with the court for Aliment and with the CSA for child support. The CSA say they don’t recognise Aliment payments and that these are for my wife not my children.

I currently pay for all the house costs including utilities and repairs for the home where my wife and children live together with her new boyfriend! I also pay the CSA.

Recently I received a letter from the CSA saying my wife had made a successful claim that my life style was inconsistant with my income and that I was due to pay £25,000 in arrears and my weekly payment has increased by £280!

I looked at the information my wife has given the CSA and it is mostly fraudulent. I told the CSA this and they say it’s up to me to bring in the police if I believe my wife is attempting to obtain money by deception.

I’m worried if I do this my wife may face prison and my children will hate me.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!!

She has said she doesn’t need the money and now I can’t pay the rent

April 25, 2014

Hi, I’m sure im not the only one in this situation. I was paying child support for my daughter from 2003 to 2005. I left my present job of 30.000 and went to America.

After nine years the csa have now decided to track me down and asking for 11.930. Now that my daughter is 22 and a mother and lives with her fiance.

They have based there figures on my old salary and as a result can’t afford to pay my rent .

To say that I am pissed is an understatement. She doesn’t need the money as she has told me.

My ex earns more in benefits than I do working

April 25, 2014

My ex receives around £2000 a month in benefits, I earn £1250-1300 after tax and NI.

The Csa want me to pay a third of my wage to her even though I am struggling to feed my son that lives with me.

I am currently going bankrupt after losing my house.

How is this fair?

Surely the Prime Minister must be interested in this?!

April 25, 2014

Should a mother of man of 19 years still be claiming csa payments when the 19 year old is able to work or claim JSA?

Surely the Prime minister could be interested in this practice, or the Police!

What happens when the dad suddenly comes out of the woodwork?

April 24, 2014

My sons father is supposed to get him every weekend but rarely does.

He will also some times tell me about an hour before he’s supposed to come and get him that he wants him that weekend.

I was wondering if when he has no contact with me for weeks then decides to be a daddy out of no where am I allowed to deny him from getting him that particular day because he didn’t give me proper notification?

Why do I have to prove something they should?

April 24, 2014

CSA also known as the child maintenance agency… my ex partner has been able to say to them that we where not together when we where, and low and behold… they believe her before they believe me…

Also they expect me to disprove her, over dates we where together…

And for me to prove that I had been giving her cash, rather than her to prove i wasnt…

Now its my belief that they are calling me a liar yet they say “no mr we are not calling you a liar just prove it”.

How can I prove I was giving her cash, ya bam pot…

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