Advice: can someone be named the father without proof?

April 21, 2014

In order to be a named parent, the person in care of the child will need to bring evidence that you are the real father of the child.

Either by having your name on birth certificate (you cannot register a father’s name without being married or without his consent) -accredited DNA testing -court order.

After mother bringing evidence(DNA, birth certificate re-registered etc) then the mother will have to re-claim , but having you on csa will give you rights as you can go to court and claim custody.

If you are not named on the birth certificate, she will have to take a court order to make you give a DNA sample.

All this process can last for about a year.

If she is someone little hungry for money, but not allowing you to be in you childs life, you can make a claim and get a court order. Most of this woman , just want a bit of extra cash, using this as a weapon against man for their crashed relationships.

I am a wife and my husband has a stupid claim from his ex-girlfriend.

It looks like now she can’t put her paws on our money as if she goes to court she will have to pay for the paternity test 250 pounds.

Top of that it looks like she’s been preganant 11 months:) So my suggestion , deny paternity , don’t pay a penny, and let her drag you to court to get a dna testing.

CSA will force you to take DNA testing, only if you are named on birth certificate ,there is a court order or you have been married at the time of conception.

I hope this will discourage the gold diggers.


  • MS says:

    Sorry , at the beginning I got the information wrong.

    If you want have a look on the gov uk. disputed paternity.

    Reply to Tracy: no not all the women are gold diggers, just the ones that decide that by having a baby they can claim a bit of extra cash from either the government, ONG,or fathers.

    His case: the lovely lady put his name on the birth certificate by claiming she was married(she was not).GRO told us that yes she can do that and they will not take any action against her.

    Reply to Emma: both are responsible for the conception of a child, unfortunately the decision of (in order): taking the pill, announcing the pregnancy, taking the decision of keeping the child or not, stays with the woman.So if a man is stupid enough to even leave a condom behind , he can get screwed for next 25 years.

    Unfortunately what this kind of women do not understand is that a child needs both a mother and a father and in his situation , just the fact that maybe he was a sperm donor , will never bring him close to that child.Why? It is always going to be a reminder of the fact that the mother tried to keep the relationship by having the child and claiming it is his child.

    It is going to be a reminder of something he did not want in his life, meaning the mother.

    I already spoke with him about how he feels about the possibility and he hates the idea of being tricked like this, therefore he hates the child and the child suffers the consequences of his/hers mother’s action.(unfortunately)

    He wants no contact , he does not even want to call to speak with her, the only contact is made either via CSA or solicitors.
    Gee I am wondering why ?

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