Compensation for CSA mistakes

November 26, 2009

I have been fighting the CSA for the past 9 years and so far have received over £1200 in compensation for the appalling mess they have made in my case amounting to gross negligence!

As I sit here writing I’m still putting the pressure on them to get the job done! My case has been past to all offices around the country and not one of them can get it right. I have also taken the matter to ICE twice and am about to do it again!

The CSA have lost paperwork, lied, and casued untold hearache not only to myself and my daughter but also to my e partner. They havebeen unable to figure out a monthly plan for monies and have now advised me(After taking 4 years to complete) after doing a full reassessment of the case, said that my ex now owes me £3.8k in arrears. It’s just not right! The ironic thing is that my ex is on a low wage and if for instance he can only pay £10 a month extra it will take him 32 years to pay the amount off, by which time, he and I will be on a pension and our daughter will be 48years old.!!!!

My MP has been such a great help over the years. There have been times when the situation has nearly brought me to breaking point, but all I can advise people, and I mean both fathers and mothers is to keep fighting! Write down every conversation with the CSA, sho you are speaking too, time and date so that when you need to write a letter of complaint everything is concise and in their faces!

As the CSA has admitted that they have made so may errors on my case, I’m pursuing them for the £3.8k as an Advanced payment from them directly. I wont let this one go and will also support my ex in an complaint that he makes regarding the arrears. Its about time the CSA was made legally accountable for their actions!

Hope this will help.

My ex owes me money, but CSA still want me to pay her!

November 26, 2009

17 years with partner 3 kids family in grief in 2005 my mum died of motor noro desese and later same year her father died between those two dates i was charged with GBH on my eldest son STABBING TWICE AND BLACKEYE…

wilst family was grieving and i was in shock at fake made up charges my ex defrauded my mothers life savings from her will and 15 grand from value of her own parents house FRUIT MACHINE ADICTION i was found not guilty later that year i put my son on trial the police and social services and basically expossed the corrupt system for what is was

Leicester police are now committed to trying to shut me up im suing police and social services for all the above slander and allowing addicts lies to go so far IN THE NAME OF INSTITUTIONAL SEXISM AGAINST MEN (white men)

i have left her moved on and i have turned my back on my 3 kids THEY ALSO HAVE MOOD ISSUES AND ADDICTION ISSUES ITS BIPOLAR RUNNING IN HER FAMILY


CSA tried to get me to pay up so i stated she owes myself and extended family 45 grand and my mothers place of redt has no head stone as grave funds were stolen also…

they stated nothing they could do and i have to pay so i went public newspapers solicitors and looking into human rights

as she owes me 45 grand im technically 45 grand in credit with csa payment and i told csa i would sue for harasment and suffering if they ever touched my money

i also made it clear my late mother was directly linked to EX IRA IN irland and irish gangsters

i stated taking this money puts the kids in direct danger and her also on domestic violance grounds they orderdc i aint got to pay a penny





CSA cannot touch my ex for money

November 25, 2009

In August 2002 i applied to the CSA for an assesment for my son who was then 9yrs old.

I filled in all the details needed. Since that time I have been lied to by the customer service agaents( i will take your number, we will call you back. I asked him to repeat the number back to me, erm, erm came from him. I told him to tell me what he hadnt done, i knew full well he hadnt taken the number. He told me he hadnt taken the number!!)

Since then, 2003, my ex husband has refused to fill in forms, skipped from job to job to avoid filling in forms, to delay the assessment (i’m always told the assesment will take 12 weeks). The baliffs were sent in and they spoke to him and told him if he doesnt fill in the form they handed to him they would be back…….

form wasnt filled in and they didnt go back. Why has it taken so long and is STILL not resolved in 2009? Why do the CSA not use all the powers given to them to enforce payments? Initially i was told the orginal payments would be £65 per week, that was in 2003, and NEVER paid.

In June 2009 i was told he owed £2000 in arrears. I only got an A level in maths but even i know thats not correct! Every time i have spoken to the CSA since september 2002 I have every date, time, name, the questions i ask, the answers i get. It has built up into a rather substantial file. My son sees his father and he never asks if he needs anything, money, clothes.nothing.

My ex husband has a large cottage in the country, a pregnant girlfriend with her own business, he works all the hours he can and the CSA do nothing!!! I have my own career, own house, claim nothing from the government. All I ask for is that my ex husband pays money toward the child we both planned for.

CSA has refused to pay back the money they owe me

November 24, 2009

I have been paying for a son I never even knew existed, I found out in March 2009 that he had turned 19 and his mother had stopped claiming since Sept. 08. They acknowledged that I had overpaid and advised me that my payments would stop. They continued taking the money from my salary until June 09, even though I had to continually keep ringing them to ask them to stop. So by my reckoning I was entitled to a refund.

I rang the CSA to discuss this and they advised that they would calculate my overpayment and send me a refund. After many, many, many more calls they sent me a letter on the 30/07/09, advising that they accepted the overpayment and would refund me a total of £2,345.89. This amount would be repaid in due course.

I rang tohe CSA almost immediately asking if they had a date for me to expect the refund, they advised that they had 6/8 weeks to assess my case’s (I have 3) and would advise me within this time frame. Eight weeks passed and still no news, surprise, surprise. So I continually rang the CSA for over 2 weeks. Eventually they advised me that my case had been passed to a Case Worker and that she required 2 weeks to assess my case. 2 weeks passed and no news, surprise, surprise. I rang the CSA and was told that my dedicated case worker had been taken off of my case as I was under the old rules system.

Therefore, a specialised case worker would have to assess my case.

I spoke with a supervisor at the CSA to ascertain an update, he has now advised that the money I am owed has been used to pay for arrears on another one of my cases. And that I will receive no refund!
The case they have allocated my money to is a dead case from 04/2004. My ex-wife was so fed up with fluctuating payments that she asked the CSA if would could come to a private agreement. They agreed and closed the case, they sent me a letter stating that the case was dead. Cannot find the letter now though.

There was some outstanding arrears on the case, but I was told they would no longer be applicable, as the arrears were due to my ex-wife and that they were considered dead when the case was closed.

Can anyone please advise me as to whether they can still claim arrears going back to 2004??? and also whether they can reallocate my overpayments???

Thanks in advance

Better off a single parent because of the CSA

November 23, 2009

Right when me and my partner got together he had a 10 year old daughter, him and his daughters mom at split up when she was 2..they had stayed friends and was always ringing each other up for a chat and stuff like that and although he lives down Portsmouth and she lives up scotland he managed to go and she his daugheter every other weekend..handing over money to his was her decision asshe wanted extra money so she could still get her benefits..any this has now come back to sting us as he handed the money over to be warned if ur doing this make sure u pay via a bank

Since i got pregnant last year she went spare..saying he didnt love his daughter etc etc..bare in mind they had been split up 8 years so we were in no was rubbing her nose in it..that and iv never actually met/spoken to her!!..She is now not getting benefits anyway as she works full time so decieded she would go to the csa and say all those years he hadnt no he has a huge debt.

We are not in anyway trying to get out of paying for his daughter but neither of us think its fair when she works fulltime/has a partner who works full time and she get another £600 a month off us.

I have spoken my self to the csa about our circumstances as my partner also has debt and alot of outgoings. I live in the west midlands as we cant even live together full as he is in the forces and i am forced to stay here by family so i can work full time…i have a 12 month old.

Here is an example of our out goings

earn £2210 per month

450 ren

120 council tax

274 loan

120..min payment credit card

approx 140 house bills

200 get home each month

600 csa

180,food,nappies etc

total 2084 thats  all his wage and i earn 350 a month so that leaves us with appor 360 a month when shes gettingher full time wage..his fulltime wage + 600 of us,how is this fair??

I actually rang the csa ages ago to to speak to them myself about this as i suffered pnd when i had my baby and the bloke i spoke to was rude and arrogent and i said are you trying to say my baby isnt as important as his older child and he said u took the words out of my mouth..i complained to them but guess wh

CSA keep making mistakes with money

November 23, 2009

My partner has recently started hearing from the CSA and they really have no idea.

My partner has 3 children with 2 diffrent mothers.

his 1st boy he has not seen for 13 years through no choice of his own! but has upon hearing from the CSA in september 09 the total owed for him is £1,286.38. this is the first incounter this year from the CSA as a previouse year my partener recived a letter for over £13,000 for this same child. this may sound good as it has dropped alot but we were told that the £13,000 wasnt owed at all as the mother wanted my partner to have no contact so she wanted no money. but they are still after £1,286.38 the letter recived for saying this much is owed has come in form of a threat ‘Warning leagal action’ the letter states my partner needs to pay call the number above credit or debit card will do.

What a joke who in thier right mind would pick up the phone and pay that off if they could afford it for a child they have been refused to see and the mother doesnt want the money anyway. (so where would the money go)

we then recived another letter 2 days later stating ‘the child maintenance is no longer in force’ reason why ‘the mother told us that they dont want the application or case to continue’ then a further 2 days later we recive a letter saying the weekly ammount to pay is £16.66 for the 1st child? even though the child is out of education and access has still be refused. then october comes another threating letter is recived saying pick up the phone and pay £1,483.04 ‘you could even go to prison’ what the hell is going on.

one second its £1,286.38 then we get told not to worry its not wanted then its £16.66 a week for the child although out of education then its jumped back up to £1,483.04

Can anybody figure this out as we have no idea what to do, hours on the phone you think you have got some where but then another letter changes all that.

Sadly thats just the first boys case.

My partner has a further two boys (twins) he has them every weekend and over the holidays when he can. when the twins were born the mum was reciving £100 a week cash nothing to do with the CSA. 5 years on its dropped to £40 a week still cash in hand no CSA but now they want to stick thier nose we recived further letters saying to pay £33.34 a week for the twins. and tried telling us that in 10 months payment recived to the mother had been £146.96

where did they get that from the actuall ammount is £1,600 we told them £40 a week is payed. now they have sent a letter saying were to pay £40 a week and its ‘thier decision’ BUT WE TOLD THEM THAT!

nothing they say or do makes any sence if you can figure it out or help please do.

CSA are taking money from my ex but I haven’t received a penny

November 22, 2009

I first made my claim to the CSA back in august 08, after months of phone calls i fanally thought my ordeal was over when in july 09 i got a letter stating how much money i would recieve each month and that the first months money will be deducted from my ex’s wage on the 24th july 09.They have now had 3 lots of money off my ex and i haven’t recieved a penny.

Even though i wasn’t getting as much money as i should have i was better off before i went to the CSA because at least i was getting something, which allowed me to pay my bills. I have now had no money since the beginning of july so my bank account is now at its overdraft limit and i am not only getting charges from the bank but also higher phone bills where i am constantly ringing the CSA.

Not to mention the stress of worrying my bills wont get paid and then i’ll have more grief to deal with.

As far as i’m concerned the CSA are a bunch of thieves, they have taken food out of my childrens mouths and have reduced me to having to ask my parents to buy them shoes.

They have no real complaints department so you cant get anywhere apart from speaking to some idiot on the end of the phone that quite clearly doesn’t care. I have sent 2 emails to thier complaints and suprise suprise i have had no reply. Just like when i asked for an interview they said no and when they say someone will ring you back they never do.

I have never had such a bad experiance with anyone or anything before in my life. Typical of something government run.

Wife cheated on me, now I’m paying the CSA for it!

November 21, 2009

it all started with my x wife having an affair with the new manager in the shop she worked in.

she wanted me out of the family home.i didnt want to leave but things were made very difficult so i gave in and left everything including three children.

i applied for a loan from my bank because i had nothing she opened her own account and made sure there was nothing in the bank every month. with the loan i bought a bed,fridge freezer and washing machine. i then moved into rented accomodation.

friends gave me a chair and portable tv and other small items.after 6 months in rented accomodation i deceided to buy a house as it would benefit my children later on. i was in a good job 30k+ a year so i had children whenever i could and paid her rent for her every month even though iwasnt in the wasnt good enough she wanted me to have chilren when it was impossible for me to have them i had already arranged my shifts around her so that she could work.

i was continuously threatened with csa whenever things wasnt going her way.eventually ihad enough and stopped paying her rent. csa then started taking a third of my wage every month. i struggled with mortgage every month untill i was getting myself into debt.i then had to put house on market and sold it. because i had nowhere to live i had to hand in my notice with my employers.

i then moved away to make a fresh start. after a few months got bar work money nowhere near what i was used to but it was work.csa then traced me through my tax they said i owed them 4k arrears. i explained to them they was taking money off me for a period i wasnt working or claiming any money for.

3 years on theyre still taking money off me for a period of time that i wasnt getting any money from anywhere. try talking to these idiots on the other end of but keep getting stressed out they dont want to listen.

now struggling on 604 pounds a month because they are still taking a third of my wage.

Resign rather than pay the CSA?

November 21, 2009

Over a year ago my bf’s ex decided that she wasn’t getting enough money directly so went through the CSA. After she realised she would only be getting the same, they came to a mutual agreement that the direct payments would work better. I had been recieving letters through for him at my address but just sent them back because we wasn’t talking at the time.

Funny thing is they actually have his phone number but was adamant that they called and no one answered, well i would of assumed that a voicemail wouldn’t of been too much effort to leave. Anyway nothing arose until August 09 when he got the biggest shock of his life when £500 was taken out of his wages.

After numerous phone calls he found out it was CSA that had set up a DEO without him knowing.

Can they do this????.

Anyhow he tried to phone them to ask why this had happened but all he got was I can’t access your details without a reerence number, which i know is a lot of twaddle because they search using name and address details. Which in turn they obviously haven’t checked for updated details and used old ones!!!!

We did find out that this had all happened due to myself and bf having a time out in which he now lives in his own house and once he had mentioned to her that her money will be decreasing, because he has my daughter to upkeep aswell, she got jealous and greedy and come to the conclusion that CSA was the way to get more money.

Well she certainly got it by screwing him over for the last 2 months. I desperately need advice as he is at the point of handing in his notice.

Can I opt out of paying the CSA?

November 20, 2009

A bit of advice, as not sure if the information given to me by the CSA is correct.

I am employed, and have been paying the CSA since 1998, and I am assesed on the old system. I acknowledge my responsibilties to my child, and pay as requested.

Recently I changed jobs, and worked offshore, this changed my assesment, and my payments rose drastically, I tried to reason with my ex partner to opt out and come to an arrangement, but she said no. She has now decided to stop work, as she sarcasticaly said that she now recieves more from me, so she has no need to work now!!

2 months agao I was called into our company offices and was told that I was to transfer with my job. This means that I am no longer paid in UK pounds, but in US Dollars, via the Bahamas, so not on any UK payroll. I will also be working extended periods out of the UK, so my residential status in the uk will now be classed as habitual, not permenant.

I contacted the CSA, who said I’ll need to get assesed again? I am no longer paid in pounds, not on any UK payroll, probably won’t be liable for tax, and out of the country for 9 months plus a year, can they enforce this, would it be worth trying to get my ex partner to opt out again.

Any advice??

Thanks in advance


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