CSA cannot touch my ex for money

November 25, 2009

In August 2002 i applied to the CSA for an assesment for my son who was then 9yrs old.

I filled in all the details needed. Since that time I have been lied to by the customer service agaents( i will take your number, we will call you back. I asked him to repeat the number back to me, erm, erm came from him. I told him to tell me what he hadnt done, i knew full well he hadnt taken the number. He told me he hadnt taken the number!!)

Since then, 2003, my ex husband has refused to fill in forms, skipped from job to job to avoid filling in forms, to delay the assessment (i’m always told the assesment will take 12 weeks). The baliffs were sent in and they spoke to him and told him if he doesnt fill in the form they handed to him they would be back…….

form wasnt filled in and they didnt go back. Why has it taken so long and is STILL not resolved in 2009? Why do the CSA not use all the powers given to them to enforce payments? Initially i was told the orginal payments would be £65 per week, that was in 2003, and NEVER paid.

In June 2009 i was told he owed £2000 in arrears. I only got an A level in maths but even i know thats not correct! Every time i have spoken to the CSA since september 2002 I have every date, time, name, the questions i ask, the answers i get. It has built up into a rather substantial file. My son sees his father and he never asks if he needs anything, money, clothes.nothing.

My ex husband has a large cottage in the country, a pregnant girlfriend with her own business, he works all the hours he can and the CSA do nothing!!! I have my own career, own house, claim nothing from the government. All I ask for is that my ex husband pays money toward the child we both planned for.


  • chall says:

    Hi Lorraine,

    You should escalate your case to a complaint, keep copies of your correspondence and send it signed for – also send a copy to your local MP and ask for their assistance.

    Your welcome to join us in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

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