Wife cheated on me, now I’m paying the CSA for it!

November 21, 2009

it all started with my x wife having an affair with the new manager in the shop she worked in.

she wanted me out of the family home.i didnt want to leave but things were made very difficult so i gave in and left everything including three children.

i applied for a loan from my bank because i had nothing she opened her own account and made sure there was nothing in the bank every month. with the loan i bought a bed,fridge freezer and washing machine. i then moved into rented accomodation.

friends gave me a chair and portable tv and other small items.after 6 months in rented accomodation i deceided to buy a house as it would benefit my children later on. i was in a good job 30k+ a year so i had children whenever i could and paid her rent for her every month even though iwasnt in the wrong.it wasnt good enough she wanted me to have chilren when it was impossible for me to have them i had already arranged my shifts around her so that she could work.

i was continuously threatened with csa whenever things wasnt going her way.eventually ihad enough and stopped paying her rent. csa then started taking a third of my wage every month. i struggled with mortgage every month untill i was getting myself into debt.i then had to put house on market and sold it. because i had nowhere to live i had to hand in my notice with my employers.

i then moved away to make a fresh start. after a few months got bar work money nowhere near what i was used to but it was work.csa then traced me through my tax they said i owed them 4k arrears. i explained to them they was taking money off me for a period i wasnt working or claiming any money for.

3 years on theyre still taking money off me for a period of time that i wasnt getting any money from anywhere. try talking to these idiots on the other end of but keep getting stressed out they dont want to listen.

now struggling on 604 pounds a month because they are still taking a third of my wage.


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    Did your case first commence with the agency before OR on/after 03/03/03?

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