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Better off a single parent because of the CSA

Right when me and my partner got together he had a 10 year old daughter, him and his daughters mom at split up when she was 2..they had stayed friends and was always ringing each other up for a chat and stuff like that and although he lives down Portsmouth and she lives up scotland he managed to go and she his daugheter every other weekend..handing over money to his was her decision asshe wanted extra money so she could still get her benefits..any this has now come back to sting us as he handed the money over to be warned if ur doing this make sure u pay via a bank

Since i got pregnant last year she went spare..saying he didnt love his daughter etc etc..bare in mind they had been split up 8 years so we were in no was rubbing her nose in it..that and iv never actually met/spoken to her!!..She is now not getting benefits anyway as she works full time so decieded she would go to the csa and say all those years he hadnt no he has a huge debt.

We are not in anyway trying to get out of paying for his daughter but neither of us think its fair when she works fulltime/has a partner who works full time and she get another £600 a month off us.

I have spoken my self to the csa about our circumstances as my partner also has debt and alot of outgoings. I live in the west midlands as we cant even live together full as he is in the forces and i am forced to stay here by family so i can work full time…i have a 12 month old.

Here is an example of our out goings

earn £2210 per month

450 ren

120 council tax

274 loan

120..min payment credit card

approx 140 house bills

200 get home each month

600 csa

180,food,nappies etc

total 2084 thats  all his wage and i earn 350 a month so that leaves us with appor 360 a month when shes gettingher full time wage..his fulltime wage + 600 of us,how is this fair??

I actually rang the csa ages ago to to speak to them myself about this as i suffered pnd when i had my baby and the bloke i spoke to was rude and arrogent and i said are you trying to say my baby isnt as important as his older child and he said u took the words out of my mouth..i complained to them but guess wh

3 thoughts on “Better off a single parent because of the CSA

  1. Hi mrscrash,

    When did the agency first make contact with your OH?
    Was it by phone or letter?

    To enable an initial effective date, the agency has to make contact with the NRP.

    Any arrears owed during the period that your OH ex was on benefits, will be mainly (depending which system the case is on) owed to the Secretary of State.

    Join us in the forum at

  2. They made contact via letter which was addressed to my other halfs uncles house but he said he never recieved any letters for my oh so i dont no whats happened their…I really hope she isnt getting the money seeing as she has had it off us already cus although my oh is out of pocket it will teach that greedy cow it hasnt got her anywhere.

  3. my son who is now 4 years old. he sees his dad every other wk end.we split up 3 years ago i couldnt take all the lies and his womaniseing ways..he owns 2 of which he is renting out,and the other he lives in with his two children because his ex wife died.he has just brought a brand new b.m.w. car.he says he isnt working,he also has off shore accounts,and rubs it in my face that he doesnt have to pay me a penny.he has put the property in his 2 kids names so he cant sell them.i only let my son see his dad because he has the right to see his dad,but its not fair me as a single parent in a one bedroom flat with 2 kids and both the fathers dont pay a penny they should have to pay

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