Can I opt out of paying the CSA?

November 20, 2009

A bit of advice, as not sure if the information given to me by the CSA is correct.

I am employed, and have been paying the CSA since 1998, and I am assesed on the old system. I acknowledge my responsibilties to my child, and pay as requested.

Recently I changed jobs, and worked offshore, this changed my assesment, and my payments rose drastically, I tried to reason with my ex partner to opt out and come to an arrangement, but she said no. She has now decided to stop work, as she sarcasticaly said that she now recieves more from me, so she has no need to work now!!

2 months agao I was called into our company offices and was told that I was to transfer with my job. This means that I am no longer paid in UK pounds, but in US Dollars, via the Bahamas, so not on any UK payroll. I will also be working extended periods out of the UK, so my residential status in the uk will now be classed as habitual, not permenant.

I contacted the CSA, who said I’ll need to get assesed again? I am no longer paid in pounds, not on any UK payroll, probably won’t be liable for tax, and out of the country for 9 months plus a year, can they enforce this, would it be worth trying to get my ex partner to opt out again.

Any advice??

Thanks in advance



2 Responses to “Can I opt out of paying the CSA?”

  1. Paul on November 21st, 2009 8:54 am

    For Steve and question regarding being paid out of country and so not liable for tax.

    I asked the CSA the same question as I had a possible opportunity of working abroad as well.

    The answer I got is that since I would not be paying tax and the country I the company I would have been working for was not a UK company then there is nothing they can do about, and therefore they (the csa) would have to close the case.

    Although, this sounds good news I would double check it with solicitor etc and make sure the company you work for is not UK registered etc. Also, I am not sure how the CSA would deal with your case when you come back to the UK permantly, unless you only come back when the child is outside the age for CSA?

  2. chall on November 21st, 2009 5:56 pm


    If a non resident parent is living abroad and does not work for a UK based employer, the agency will not be able accept the case.

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