Not the father – but paid the CSA for 12 years

February 12, 2010

For 12 years ive had the CSA on my back.

An ex girlfriend of mine who took offence to me splitting up with her decided to take revenge. She fell pregnant and told the CSA i was the father. Very soon i received all the usual documents from the CSA saying i had to fill in these forms or face the consequences.

I stupidly filled in the forms as they scared the living daylights out of me with their threats. Then not long after that the grief was close to sending me to suicide.

I constantly told them i wanted a DNA test but was refused every time. I then told them i either paid my mortgage or paid the CSA. The reply was “Its not our problem“. So i was forced to sell my house and did a runner abroad for 3 years. I came back and it got even worse. I was earning £230 a week and they wanted £299 a month off me.

Eventually i started paying them arrears of £5500 in £200 a month instalments.

This last year my case has been moved from Belfast to Bolton to Crewe to Stockport and now Falkirk. I ring one number and get told “Sorry ring this number“.

Ive written to The Complaints Resolution Team 4 times since May 2009 and never had a reply. They have called my mobile but then when i heard nothing for 6 months i rang them for them to say “Sorry we must have a digit missing from your phone number“. Yet they know where i live and work and have all my bank details.

Just lately i finally got the DNA i begged for and guess what im NOT the father. Yet im also still paying for the child because the CSA have to arrange a meeting with the mother to show her a photo of me to ask her “Is this who you presumed was the father“. Until then i will not get a penny back. Then the tell me it will take 3 weeks to sort out,well 5 weeks later and still no news.

Worse still is after 12 years of HELL they have considered offering me £250 as agood will gesture.IDIOTS!!!!!

I was even allocated a case worked in July 2009 who was going to contact me shortly. Guess what he never did and doesnt even work there.

I have many more issues but too many to list.


  • chall says:

    Hi Reece,

    Was the DNA test carried out by Cellmark ?

    If so, the DNA test has established a negative result and provides the conclusive proof that you are not a bio parent, your liability should cease forthwith.

    Get in touch with your local MP and request their assistance, they will be able to obtain answers quicker than us mere mortals..

    – Keep copies of ALL correspondence sent to the agency and sent everything signed for. You can also send emails from the agencies website – keep copies of the receipt you will be given.

    You are also welcome in the forum at where we can possibly help you with your other issues.

  • Reece Sanford says:

    Yes it was carried out by Cellmark.
    Took the test on 17th December and got the results on the 18th January.Not exactly the 10 days they said it would be for the results however i guess they will say it was over Christmas.

    As usual they say they have a protocol to work to so until they met the mother with the photo of me nothing could be done.

    Luckily now my payments are being stopped this week but now i just have to wait for my money back. They want to pay me in installments.

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