No money from CSA in 11 years

March 26, 2010

Hi yet again I have just come off the phone and feel the need to rant!

I put in a claim to the CSA over 11 yrs ago for 2 children, the claim was all sorted within 6 mths and payment was suppose to commence, alas no payment after chasing for another year i was informed father now abroad does not have to pay! ok so lets leave it there, umm father in shops 6 mths later .., another claim and outcome on benefits no payment due.

new law change and people claimin benefits now have to pay £5, well its the point here so i try that option. 6mths later all agreed to pay and no payment umm abroad again case closed!!

My latest saga has been ongoing for 2 and a half years and i have a liabililty order and a million phone calls under my belt have put in yet another complaint baliffs involved and am told that is not his house his girlfriends. Yes he lives there, ok will chase again and send baliffs again. Today after awaiting another 2 months i phone as still no communication from the lovely csa! my case is closed!

why, he has been abroad since 2003!! no he hasnt , well thats what he is telling us, he is lying , how is this proved? we called him on a foreign number he answered! Am i being slightly thick here but if he filled in forms in 2007 he was in uk, well yes but he has changed his mind!! and was it a foreign mobile, yes , well if i went to spain i could pick up one of them and use it i the uk to rec calls! I have no idea what to do next and any advice would be greatly received…


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  1. berni on March 28th, 2010 2:47 pm

    I have been in similar situation with a notorious non- payer, what worked for me was a private detective, to locate the ex plus assertain his assets. Another suggestion would be to utilise the services of a Csa chasing law firm- their are plenty advertised- consultations are around £100, but this could easily be recovered if you are successful, and worth it peace of mind. dealing with the csa is frustrating and morale sapping.

  2. Fed up fella on March 29th, 2010 11:31 am

    I wish these winging women would just get on with their lives , yes we know you are bitter and full of hate for your ex partner but live goes on..go and earn your own money and hold your head high knowing it’s you supporting your children not some absent low life .
    Not all men are like that , the CSA have failed all the people involved , Men , Women but most important the children , there is more to life than chasing a few quid ..if it’s revenge you want hire a hitman .
    The CSA has failed on every level and failed you ..MOVE ON X

  3. cazza on March 29th, 2010 3:24 pm

    ” wish these winging women would just get on with their lives , yes we know you are bitter and full of hate for your ex partner but live goes on..go and earn your own money and hold your head high ”

    How nice!! Actually I do support my children and also work full time with no help from anyone and I am far from bitter or hate my ex, I have the greatest give ever from him my children!! And I do agree not all men are the same, the whole point of the CSA was so parents can contribute towards their child/childrens upbringing , this clearly is not the case which is why i posted my post!

  4. berni on March 30th, 2010 10:33 am

    I think I must have hit a nerve with ‘fed up fella’. There are many people out there who love their children, but due to bitterness and selfishness do not feel it is their responsibility to pay for their kids, instead going to great lengths to avoid paying maintenance. This not only has an impact on child poverty but also on tax revenue, very many non resident parents declare only minimum wage jobs to the c.s.a whilst earning large amounts as self employed workers, also not declaring tax. I think the government should wise up to this and take a tougher line, and yes, I work very hard and earn a good wage thank you.

  5. Bridgee on March 26th, 2014 9:34 pm

    My sister in law has had no money for 15 yrs and is a brilliant mum. The father is very well off and doesnt pay a penny. Yet when she posted on this site, she received nasty emails from absent fathers and bitter new girlfriends.

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