Former employer did not pay DEO

June 24, 2010

I had a DEO placed on my case in 2005 . My ex employer signed and returned the form to say that he would deduct money from my wages , Turns out he wasnt paying the money and i am now having to pay the debt of almost £7000 .

I have argued my case with the CSA but they say they can not help and the debt lies with me . I am under the impression that the signed form is some sort of legal agreement between the CSA and your employer . If the employer does not pay , isnt down to the CSA to chase the money from the employer and isnt it breaking the law if this agreement is broken ?

I have sent details of all of this to the CSA and they have told me there is nothing that can be done to help . Even though i paid this DOE for 17 months , the CSA are adament that it was only for 5 months . THEY DO NOT EVEN HOLD THE CORRECT INFO !!!!!

You never get to speak to a case worker , you get a different person everytime you call , and the answers are always different . When you then tell them that you were told something diff by someone else , they just apologize and say you have been misinformed .

The whole agency is a scam , the people on the phone couldnt care less about your circumstances .

Funny how there are waiting times for everything , 1st told that waiting time to have my case seen was 3 weeks , then 16 weeks then anything up to 6 months. you have to wait 48 hours for call backs . Yet when you need a bit of time to pay money , you cant quote 16 weeks waiting time !!!

Im fed up and do not know where to turn , can anyone suggest anything ???


  • brokenfather says:

    I agree with your point that the CSA should be chasing the empoyer, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if legally the debt is still yours if the employer fails to pass on the money deducted from your salary.

    The obvious action here is for you to file a County Court claim against the employer for the return of the money they deducted from your salary and kept. This is relatively cheap and easy via the online claim system available.

    Before filing the claim you must issue them with a formal Letter Before Action, search the net you will find drafts.

    Of course, if the employer no longer exists you are probably stuffed.

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