Ex wants me to pay direct, CSA wants their cash

May 16, 2010

I have been fighting tooth and nail with the c.s.a for over 10 years now.

Since my relationship broke down with the childrens mum ten years or so ago i have always payed her money i have for the first year recipts to prove this, but after that i went to work away and would send her cash. then later we arranged a direct debit so the money went from my account to hers, i have three years proof of this. but despite me telling them all this from the start that i was paying her for the kids as i didnt want to hand over my hard earned cash to some faceless goverment body, and have all but £10 of it swallowed up by the treasurey they still kept persuing me. they drove me out of two great jobs i loved threatening me with attachments of earnings but despite this i stood my ground and payed her every week.

Now the kids mum wrote to the csa just before christmass and even had the letter witnessed by a local police officer to validate it, and told them she had regular payments and also said she wanted the case closed. i heard nothing until yesterday when i recieved a letter telling me i have been summoned to court on 26/5/2010 giving me less than 3 weeks to build my case.

When i rang them i was told they were waiting for confirmation off her to close the case something i thought the letter was stating but anyway they said they havent heard from her and i was liable for £18000 however if she phoned them the ammount would go down to £7000 i asked what this £7000 was for they told me it was for money i had payed to her instead of them whilst she was on benefits??? i told them i was not aware of her being on benefits and surely it was her responsible to inform them of any money she was recieving therefore she should be liable to pay back the £7000 but no they are adament i have to pay it back. this has left me bewildered basically they reckon she has commited fraud and i have to now pay it back.

The c.s.a is making it nearly impossible for me to provide a living for my new family i have two small boys and my eldest daughter from this case is now living with me and my new wife. i work over 60 hours a week just to get by if they succeed in getting this liability order it means it will be impossible to make a living. all i want is a fresh start a chance to live a life without constant threats and the shadow of a goverment body that is totally and utterly inept. they have no reason to chase me i have paid for my childrens up keep better off focosing there efforts on the truly absent fathers the ones who dont give a damn than on the majority of fathers like me who have been here for there kids. why dont they just come out and say what the c.s.a truly is a stealth tax on single family a way to claw back some of the billions of ponds of debt the goverment has got us into how can the c.s.a be viable when its loosing more money than it creates.

It should be scapped and familys like mine left in peace!


  • Brokenfather says:

    You would appear to be responsible for your own downfall by not cooperating with the CSA when they were legally entitled to be involved.

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