Will claiming CSA give me ex parental rights?

January 21, 2015

My son is nearly 9yrs old and has never really had any contact from his father. In fact we have had a restraining order against him for assault for a number of years.

Now I have received a number of forms from csa asking me to claim. I have never received a penny off the man. Have no idea where he lives anymore.

If I fill in these forms would it give him any parental rights if csa claim anything from him?

How much longer am I expected to keep paying CSA?

January 21, 2015

Hi.just a general question.my boy will be 17yr old in a few wks.he is currently in 6 th yr at high school doing his highers / advanced highers.

He leaves school in may this yr.hes applied to 5 universities.how long will i have to keep paying?

Dont mind paying for him if it went on him it aint though.im sure i dont pay when he leaves school and goes to uni.but i will pay him muni directly and not to his dad.

What can I do about this CSA hanging over me?

January 21, 2015

I have 2 children with 2 separate mothers. My first child I pay an agreed amount per month for. I also agreed an amount to pay for my second child, which is more than enough, but my ex partner continues to threaten me for the full CSA amount, which I cannot afford as I live alone.

I have my first child over every weekend from Friday to Sunday and my second child every other weekend and some weekends in between when she’s working.

I am very worried about my current situation and would very much appreciate some help on the matter.

A speedy response would be much appreciated.

What happens if I am already paying for other kids?

January 20, 2015

I have 2 other children i pay a private maitenence amount for and the different mother of my third child has gone through csa for maitenence.

Will my estimated amount payable change?

Any help appreciated.

Who will the CSA take money from?

January 20, 2015

Would CSA/CMS take into consideration my ex partners husbands wages when working out payments for my 2 children?

As far as I know my ex doesn’t work just her husband.

All help greatly appreciated.

How can an ex just lie about arrears?

January 20, 2015

A few years ago i was paying my csa direct to the X which had areas of more than £1800 i paid this back over a number of months and settled the areas.

A few months ago i got a high paid job and i wasn’t happy paying her direct as if and when she wanted money she would ask for it, so i took the decision to make payment through the CSA by direct debit.

They took over three months to set up the direct debit and so left me with areas, so i started paying this back bit by bit i called them a few weeks ago to ask how much areas i had accumulated they said £2200 i said i only missed two payments they said that the x had said that i had not paid the areas off so they put it back on my account.

I said i had paid it all off and i am now in the process of sending my bank statements to prove this fact. They have said that if she doesn’t agree then the areas will have to paid back to her….. shocking any help would help me.

Dealing with the CSA is getting me nowhere

January 19, 2015

The CSA are taking money off me for my daughter who is now 18 and left 6th form at 17 and has been working full time and doing a work based course which doesnt qualify for child benefit.

I have presented the CSA with evidence but they wont do a thing because my ex is still claiming child benefit.

Just been told to report ex for benefit fraud, which I did a year ago and still nothing. Gone to my MP and got nowhere..Im at my wits end now as ive paid out thousands.

Lying CSA didn’t help me at court

January 19, 2015

Hi. Had been paying CSA for Years, ex took me to court for maintenance while CSA were in control of case, CSA stated nothing to do with them, went to court lost first case.

Appealed and won but had to pay costsfor ex’s solicitor and barrister (legsl aid) CSA have lied to me and my MP saying it was outside when they had jurisdiction, recently had that confirmed as lies informed MP he’s just replied no point him asking any other questions.


Why am I paying if we have joint custody?

January 19, 2015

Hi I’m getting 5.00 a week took off my benefits for child maintenance which me and my ex have joint custody so I shouldn’t be paying that.

How can I get this sorted?

How is this my fault?

January 18, 2015

The csa put me on a doa in 2006 and calculated the sum of £ 223 PER month.

7 years later whilst still on the order they say it was the wrong amount and should of been £ 396 PER month.

Now there charging me £396 + ,£224 for arrears of over £6000 they has been deducting the wrong amount is that my fault?

Please help.

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