How can an ex just lie about arrears?

January 20, 2015

A few years ago i was paying my csa direct to the X which had areas of more than £1800 i paid this back over a number of months and settled the areas.

A few months ago i got a high paid job and i wasn’t happy paying her direct as if and when she wanted money she would ask for it, so i took the decision to make payment through the CSA by direct debit.

They took over three months to set up the direct debit and so left me with areas, so i started paying this back bit by bit i called them a few weeks ago to ask how much areas i had accumulated they said £2200 i said i only missed two payments they said that the x had said that i had not paid the areas off so they put it back on my account.

I said i had paid it all off and i am now in the process of sending my bank statements to prove this fact. They have said that if she doesn’t agree then the areas will have to paid back to her….. shocking any help would help me.


  • Gonk says:

    Hi Laura
    That’s interesting and a good point. I pay DD and know this means they can steal what they want, they are however, supposed to notify you first, warning you of the new amount they will be taking and the date it will take effect.
    I know the csa think they are above any law and will just take it.
    I think I will change my payment method to standing order.

  • CSA Warrior says:

    the problemthat you have is paying as and when is not really paying in accordance to s1 CSA 1991 paymemt must be regular.

    If you can prove payments then they can be deducted from any arrears.

    I can only suggest that you write to the ex in clear terms stating that her statement to the CSA is a fraudulent or negligent misstatement and that is actionable in the small claims court. so you can sue.

    sorry I cant help much more than this

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