CSA want arrears even though I paid direct for 12 years

April 15, 2010

My name is Leigh and my wife and I sparated in 1998, divorced in 1990. I was always the sole income earner and when we separated I moved out with a single suitcase and into a bedsit. I lived in many bedsits for years and always paid maintenance. My stry begins by having to pay my ex wife cash on a monthly basis. She did not have a bank account and preferred this method of payment so I happily agreed.

Over the years we were all happy and I gave as much as I could. I had 3 children and paid between £425 – £625 per month depending on what I earnt between 1998 – 2002. In 1998 I was earning about £10,000 so £400 was a lot of money to me.

All seemed well until 2007 when I received a letter from the CSA stating that I owed £64,000 as there was no record of me paying anything over the years. I wrote to the CSA explaining our situation and it was paid in cash on a mutual agreement and was completely shocked by there letter. After 3 years of not hearing anything in regards to the letter I sent, you would have thought that the case was closed.

Oh No, In February 2010, I receive another letter saying that I now owed £84,000!!! I am going to fight my corner as this is totally rediculous and I have always paid maintenance every single month. Why has it taken them 3 years to correspond with me again? I have not moved home and been at the same address throughout.

Why cant the CSA go after Fathers that go missing? They can only pursue Fathers that do pay and have. They are asking me for receipts etc but when you have paid in cash and so long ago there is no evidence that I can ascertain. I have written to my local MP to see if he can help and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have given the CSA my ex wife’s address and she will verify I did pay, is this enough? Any ideas please on what I can do next. I have paid and will not pay again!!



  • chall says:

    Hi Leigh,

    If your ex was on benefits at any time during the period the alleged arrears accumulated, that amount will be owed to the Secretary of State.
    If your ex was employed during said period, the amounts will be owed to your ex and can cancel collection of such.

    How did you make payments, cheque, standing order, cash?

    You should apply for your Data Protection file asap, click on my user name and go to the downloads section on the web site it takes you to, for a template letter. The agency charge a £10 fee to supply the Data, do not send cash or a cheque. Postal orders should be payable to; CSA

  • Brokenfather says:

    Hang on a minute!!!!

    Your liability to pay CM via the CSA only commences from the date they first make contact with you. If their letter in 2007 was their first contact then it is impossible for you to have arrears at that point.

  • nick webb says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!…Firstly b4 i start..The csa have & will never take the interests of farthers THERE JUST INTERESTED IN SCREWING US BLIND..!!! when my son was born 13/1/92 Iv”e had to fight 4 my access BUT have allways paid maintenance TO WHAT IV”E BEEN ACESSED 2 PAY..!! My boy is now over eighteen [18] 2 which me & the mum had an agreement to STOP..!! [WOMEN] as 2 my surprize she”s contacted the csa again WHO HAVE CONTACTED ME AGAIN SAYING IM IN DEPT AGAIN [To which this is were it all goes wrong with the csa THEY WENT INTO MY WAGES IN 2006 ACESSING ME ON MY WAGES AT THE TIME..TO WHICH THERE MENT 2 ACCESS THE AVERAGE BUT THEY DIDNT THEY USED THE HIGHEST..!!! So i sent them all my wages around that time [fax”d] them from work & never heard a word since 2weeks ago..!!! saying i owe again SO NOW FIGHTING THEM but guess what they say thay cant go back that far 2006 BUT THEY CAN WHEN THEY WONT UR MONEY..!! So to some it up I BELIEVE WE SHOULD PAY [[[[ BUT NOT HELD TO RANSON]]]] THERE A DISGRACE..& have”nt got a clue of what there doing THE LADY RANG ME THE OTHERDAY SAYING I OWE £174 to which i said U MUST OWE ME !! next day i rang again to which she said ive overpaid by £572..[[BUT DONT EXSPECT TO SEE IT !!!!… thx

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