CSA system is so unfair to fathers who work

March 17, 2010

There are 2 sides to my story.. I have been trying to get maintenance for my 2 children since 1994, My ex husbands debt was regonised as being £21,000 in 1998, and i have kept every single letter the csa have ever sent me! In all this time he has been self employed and lived a very comfortable lifestyle, big house, nice car, horses.. The csa even visited him at home once and saw how he lived but after investigations i was told he had nil assessable income. ???? ( he had a good accountant ) i contacted them again recently as i hadnt heard from them for years and was told he only owed £14,000 ??? I was told that this will go to court and be regonised as a debt.. Every time i ring i am told the same story, this has been going on now for 15 wks.

How long does it take to gather paperwork together, I can supply them with every letter and evidence they need. It hasnt even reached court yet..

My second husband has paid his maintenance on time and every month since 1995 amounting to £56,000 in total. He asked if the csa would close his case recently as his children had left further education, only to be told he owed £2,174 in arrears, To cut a long story short, they had reassed him years ago and increased his payments and NOT bothered to tell him!! He was told to pay this back within 2 years and if he didnt they would take his passport, driving liceince off him and he may go to prision. they called us at home every week until we paid up..

My question is Why do they target the employed with bully tactics and couldnt give a toss about self employed.


  • John Thomas says:

    It appears you are jealous of his lifestyle and want to punish him for that, whilst I agree that he should have been paying, you have made this your goal in life, where in fact it should always be the care of the children, if it was that much of a problem you would of done something a lot sooner. Get over it and get on with life,

    father of 2 paying 250 a month then csa raised it to 947 a month, net income is 1741, lost my house, my car and my job, because of the csa, now she gets nothing as im sleeping in friends houses,

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