CSA makes an admin error

April 19, 2010

my son was hounded by the CSA for payments from his ex. He was already paying her £100 a month as agreed by both parties but because she wanted a council house and was going to claim benifits she went to the csa to get money from my son. The csa assesed the case then hounded him for payments they even rang him on a Saturday afternoon.

Once this had been sorted they dropped him with the fact that he owed them arrears (£400 aprox) to which were very nasty in trying to get this money. Then I got in touch and being a bit more wiser I spoke to the male person involved with my son’s case. He started to talk to me like he was a god, I demanded that he puts me in cotact with his manager and told him he was an idiot that you can’t take what my son hasn’t got.

I spoke to his manager who was very simpathetic to my sons case and we sorted it out for arrears to be paid back over the 12 months or so. my son was in another relatioship and they had a child. They reported this to the CSA to reassess his payments. His payments reduced, they told him his new amount of which i’m not sure quite a few months later he receives a letter telling him he is in arrears again and demanding payment of the arreares stating it was his fault.

I rang them again telling them that I am allowed by my son to discuss what had happened to which the male person started to be nasty towards me. When I told him that it was the CSA at fault he told me it was my sons fault he should have contacted CSA to tell them he wasn’t paying enough. I then told him that if the electric board says I must pay £20 a month for my electric I pay it, I don’t ring them and say I’m not paying enough. It appears that when my son contacted CSA to inform them he had another child when they input this into the system, the system crashed so when they put it into the system a second time it didn’t take into account any previous outstanding payments.

This was around the begining of June. We have sorted out the payment for the arrears but the payments still are not being taken. When I finished with this CSA representative I instructed them that they cannot contact him by phone, they must contact by letter only as if it needs to go to court I can’t prove a conversation by phone.

I also asked will this happen again, to which I was told that it probably could happen but its one of thoose thigs with computers.

Who should I complain to, as its unfair my son should be treared like this?


  • James says:

    Complain to your MP. They put the CSA system in place and are the only ones that can change it.

  • Anon says:

    Mummy’s boy. Why are you phoning for him, is he spineless? Cut the apron strings or else it will not be long before the csa are chasing him for payments for his current partner.

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