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Child Support Handbook

For parents who need some advice on dealing with the Child Support Agency and the breakdown of a marriage or partnership when children are involved, there is a handbook available that offers advice on the matter.

The book offers help and advice on how the CSA operates, and gives guidance towards how the CSA calculate their payments.

One thing the book has that will be very useful for most people, particularly readers of this website, is the chapter on CSA complaints. It talks through the process of making a complaint. It also covers the new proposed child maintenance and enforcement commission, so the book is up-to-date.

Have a look at the book, and let us know what you think of it if you’ve read it already. Is it useful?

3 thoughts on “Child Support Handbook

  1. The book may well be full of information about how the CSA work out maintenance assessments and how they operate, but what they do in reality is a completley different thing.

  2. Information on how the CSA ‘should’ operate etc is freely available on the web.

    For advice on how to complain, go to the CSA website and type ‘complain’ in the search…

    Some of the biggest problems are due to CSA maladministrations and errors ~ this is when parents need to know leglislations and laws. This information, help, advice and support is also available FOC on the web on such sites as ‘afairercsaforall’ .

  3. i dont need to read a book to tell me that im never going to receive any money from my ex husband because he lives in another country. since the CSA was set up it has never done what it was supposed to do

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