CAB trying to help me against the CSA

February 26, 2010

I’ve finally found a site that isn’t orientated to the parent with care. everywhere you look its if you dont pay well take you to court. ive been threatened with my license and passport and bailiffs.

i paid no problem for years n lost my job in 2006 i went self employed for 18 month n granted didnt pay. i then got a new job and the letters started comeing in again. first of all it was i owed £1200 this was paid at £90 p/w by deo for approx 4 months. i heard nothing after that for approx another 4 months. thinking i was in credit i let it run as no contact was made with my employer then low n behold a letter lands on my doorstep saying i owed £4500. this then rocketed to £5500 they now take 40% of my wage im in the security industry how the hell are you supposed to live when youre weekly bills come to 55% of your wage ???

ive been to the CAB and theyve asked me to get together tax reports etc for the last few years which ive done and another appointment is booked in 3 weeks. any savings ive had are gone. the CAB said theyll put together a letter does anyone know who this is to ????

the CSA have properly fucked me up………….



  • chall says:

    Hi Ian,

    During all of this, did you keep the agency up to date and notify them of changes in your circumstances at the time the change happened? – If not, retrospective change will not be considered.

    If you did keep the agency up to date, to ensure alleged arrears are correct, you would possibly benefit from requesting your Data Protection File and a complete account breakdown, there’s a template letter in the downloads section at the agency now require a £10 processing fee for this, do not sent cash.

    Who / where your correspondence needs to be sent to, really depends on which stage your case is at?

  • Reece Sanford says:

    So Chall the CSA have another way of making money by charging people £10 for a processing fee.
    Next they will charge us for breathing.

  • chall says:

    Hi Reece

    The ability to levy a charge is as per The Data Protection (Subject Access) (Fees and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2000

    Maximum subject access fee
    3. Except as otherwise provided by regulations 4, 5 and 6 below, the maximum fee which may be required by a data controller under section 7(2)(b) of the Act is £10.

    The agency took this step at the end of last year. I totally disagree with this stance.

    Anybody who requests their DP file and gains a successful outcome on their case as a direct result from info/contents of their file, should write to the agency and request a full refund of the fee (A template letter will be added to afairercsaforall asap).

  • m jackson says:

    At the moment i pay £100.66 a week, which i dont mind because its for my daughter,so i thought, my daughter turns up at my home for her weekend stay, with old clothes on andholes in her trousers, and shoes, i ask her why and she tells me her mother will not get new clothes for her, i ask her mum why and she puts the phone down. Her mother is now a manager of a pub on full pay, which leads me to think its all going on her and not my daughter,if was switched from the old system to the new system then the money would go on the right person. My daughter turned up at my home last tuesday in tears, i ask what was up and she said her mum had thrown her out of the car over a chat of new clothes, her mum replied by shouting in her face i have no bloody money. My daughter is still with me at this moment, and this aint the first time

  • To cut a very long story short……basically the csa have taken 18 months to sort out my case and to inform me of what I have to pay they told me that my case had been to every department within there offices and that they did not have the man power to deal with my case quickly enough and admitted it had taken too long to sort and so offered me £50 compensation then informed me that my arrears were now £2880.
    After months of messing around and the csa canelling a direct debit payment plan now have put a deduction fom earnings on my wage for £313 per month, I now dont have enough money to pay for travel to and from my work place yet alone live and have put me out of work!!!! How will my son who I have a fantastic relationship with and see on a daily basis now suffer because of this situation,well done the CSA

  • Sally says:

    @ Anthony – typical CSA one rule for them and another for us… the NRP becomes liable to pay child maintenance from the moment the CSA contacts him/her when it’s the initial assessment HOWEVER, the same rule does not apply when it’s a re-assessment!!!

    Re-assessments are made and the NRP’s are forced to pay from when the re-assessment took place instead of from the moment the NRP was contacted!!! this has resulted in £1,000 and £1,000 of arrears being accumulated!!

    I can guarantee that if the CSA could only enforce payment from the NRP from point of contact when a re-assessment is made then a) the CSA would be more efficient in communicating with the NRP and b) there would be very little arrears.

    As I keep on saying, it’s not about the welfare of the child…. it’s about money.

  • wilf says:

    Sally:- Reassessment applies from the date the change of circumstances are initiated, ie the date the CSA is contacted and told of the change, not the date of the calculation or assessment.
    If the liability goes down then overpayments have to be paid back to the payer.
    If the liability goes up then arrears will accrue.
    Unfortunately the CSA is inefficient and the amounts involved in both the above scenarios are sometimes excessive.

  • Sally says:

    @ thanks wilf 😉 – however the CSA re-assess people but don’t inform the individuals until months down the line thus acruing arears for the NRP…. i’ve only ever heard of one or two instances when the CSA has actually paid the overpayment back to the NRP because it would mean asking the PWC to return the money they have already spent.

    the CSA is a complete disaster and for every 1 person it helps, there is a 1000 that it hurts…. my rant over for the day… 🙂

  • Alice says:

    Anthony – I agree that 18 months is way too long for a case to be brought up to date and payments established. Was it a single change or multiple changes? Multiple changes must all be processed on the same day and this can often cause delays in getting a case up to date.

    The agency advise the NRP of the re-assessment the day it is processed, it will be effective back to the date the change was notified or the date the change occurred, if the assessment is higher than the previous assessment there will be arrears incurred. An NRP is able to calculate their own MC using the calculator on the CSA website and can work out how much it will increase and as such can put money aside each week to cover the arrears once the re-assessment has been processed.

    If a direct debit failed due to the agency’s system cancelling it the NRP will be aware that the funds have not been taken from their account. They should contact the agency and make payment by debit or credit card for the missed payment and arrange for a new direct debit to be set up. If the NRP cancels the direct debit or it fails due to insufficient funds again the NRP should contact the agency to bring their payments up to date, if they do not this will show up as late/missed payment and the agency will contact the NRP, if the NRP does not respond a DEO will be imposed.

  • wilf says:

    Alice:- Why should multiple changes be done on the same day?
    Why can they not be done chronologically as and when the correct information is obtained?
    Is this rule made up for the convenience of staff?
    Or is it an anomaly of CS2 computer system which everybody knows is not fit for purposes?

  • Sally says:

    @ wilf – Alice only replies to specific posts that she can ‘explain’ the CSA rules to… she very rarely replies to posts that question the integrity of the staff or the rules imposed by the CSA.

    I personally feel that although she does provide CSA information (of a sort), her energy would be better spent collating the information from these web sites and taking it to her bosses to prove what a inefficient system it is.

    Rules are produced by the CSA that the staff cannot understand, follow or explain to the customer and as a result we are all confused and left waiting to see what the CSA is going to do next…. we post on websites like this hoping that someone will know more than we do to help us deal with the CSA and the idiots who work for them.

  • Anthony says:

    Alice the csa have never sent me the variation form .It is not in my data protection file but pwc says she asked for variation in 2006. How could I put forward my defence if the csa failed to notify me.Surely csa would have to produce a copy variation form as evidence that it came to me,would this invalidate a tribunal hearing?

  • chris rocks says:

    Be very careful of dealing with CAB on CSA matters, they are stake holders in the CSA, and dont have your intrests at heart. This is all documented on Deadbeatdads assosiation, go check for your self…

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