Written off arrears keep reappearing?

November 30, 2011

Hi this is my first time on this forum hello all.I got a letter today from the CSA its the first letter i’ve had from them in over 2 years and its an Enforcement letter stating they are applying for a liability order i’ve got seven days to pay the full arrears of over £12,200 pounds or i could go to jail, have baliffs etc… i’m sure you all know the jargen.

I was told to get all the transcripts a couple of years ago because there was numerous discrepancies in my case.

So two years ago i sat down and went through all the paper work and found out that at one stage my arrears had been written off by the CSA because of mess of my case. I told them this and never heared a word until now surely they can’t do this can they?

Any help would be appreciated.



  • John says:

    Ask for a full breakdown of the ‘alleged’ arrears. Make the request under the freedom of information act, that way if they fail to conply within a specified period, you can report these useless tossers to the Information commissioners office.

    Go to your M.P. with all your documentation including the info were you say the debt was written off! Ask your M.P. to make enquries on your behalf!

    Get everything in writing as evidence. Don’t speak to these morons on the phone!

    Write Duncan Smith at the DWP he is the minister in charge of this shambles. if he fail to reply report him to the parliamentary ombudsmans office!

    You can always tell when xmas is coming around for the CSA. The staff are after their xmas bonuses, so instead of going after the ones who have never paid, they go after those who are, or have been in the system. They review those cases and invent arrears in order that it ticks their boxes for their bonus!

  • Martin says:

    Hi John thanks for your reply, They are unbelievable they keep sending me letters for support maintenance for a step daughter they believe is mine that was born before me and my ex wife ever met this has been going on for over 15 years. When i looked at the transcribts going back to 1994 they had my step daughters surname (which was different from mine until we changed it when we got married) right from the start they are so incompetent you couldn’t make it up. Is there no justice if the police had built up this case for court the judge would laugh and kick it out there are so many holes in this case how can they come up with a true figure of debt?

  • John says:

    Hi Martin.

    It is blatantly obvious from what you have siad, that the CSA don’t know the facts, and are merely using allegations, of an alleged situation.

    If you do go to your M.P. expalin the situation by unravelling the situation from 15 years ago. I would also be robust, with the CSA. Deny their allegations in writing to them, and ask for the Independent Case Examiners office (ICE) to investigate what the CSA’s allegations are. It appears that you have no case to answer!

    When you contact the ICE, make allegations of harassment and of invented arrears. If you can prove that the CSA have no legal right to pursue you for the alleged arrears, make an official complaint to the ICE, and ask your M.P. to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans Office, regarding continued and prolonged maladministration.

    Word of warning! Having been involved in this shambles for 12 years and been down all avenues, you may find that the CSA, your M.P. and the ICE close ranks and isolate you.

    Good luck!

  • Nikki Bell says:


    I have a similar issue, they claim I owe them arrears only to find I do not then the issue dissapears only to reappear in the future.. Im on the parlaimentary MP intervention at the moment and am waiting for the outcome… I recommend this route as so far it seems to be working for me

  • mark says:

    just came back from court today (for the third time) and now have a liability order against me from a debt that should have been removed in 1999 ,due to the csa getting their figures wrong and taking seventy to eighty percent of my wages and still not getting enough to cover their calculated payments.
    This matter had been sorted by my mp and the secretary of state and I was assured that I would not hear about this matter ever again as it had been wiped from existance….. feels like someone came in my house and robed me

  • mark pond says:

    as soon as you get the letter from the csa telling you they are taking you to court for a liability order you have to apply for an appeal with the D.W.P. as you are not allowed to defend yourself in court unless you have an appeal going through.
    Sounds unbelievable, but unfortunately and to my cost, true

  • Kevin Bacon says:

    hi ive been paying thw csa 20% of my wage for my son and daughter since they were both born. both have different mothers. I pay on direct debt the amounts they send me at the begining of each year. Last week i get a call from the csa saying i now owe £11960 as i havn’t been paying for my son since 2009 as some how he was deleted off their system even tho his name has always been on all my paperwork as has my daughter. Now they want the money either a one off payment or put my money upto 40% of my wage. I simply don’t have anymore money spare as im struggling to pay bills, loans and a credit card. What should i do? I don’t feel i should have to pay the arrears as it’s their fuck up not mine pardon my french but im having nightmares about this now. Is there any chance i can get the arrears dropped.

  • Thomas Hannah says:

    Forget any hope of winning,The CSA, ICE, COURTS,Are all corrupt,and they all know each other.The Goverment know,but know how much it will cost the country,if one case is found in favour of a man.so every man has to loose,The CSA a law unto there own,This is spoken all over the country.And it is true,They have everything in place,to make you loose hope of winning,My case was rock solid,a child could see,how the CSA had,amassed a dept against me,Im not the only one.there are thousands of us.This is rotten,right,threw all goverment departments,and agencies.Go on internet,look at complaints,And they have the papers under controll as well.You never read these stories,WHY WHY,There big news.And thousands of them.

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