Phantom CSA debt that is ressurected every 12 to 18 months

November 29, 2011

I have 4 children, two from a previous relationship and I have an issue that keeps repeating every 12 to 18 months.. Basically the CSA contact me saying I owe them arrears… They cant tell me where the arrears have come from, they cant explain why they were not there in March when I had a reassessment and I have not missed a payment since.

They dont know who where why they where applied in August without contacting me… I know where the issue arises and I explain this every year, which they ask me to provide proof of… Basically when the case was started around 10- 11 years ago my ex partner lied about contact & voluntary payments I made to her… Also the CSA messed up my claim, first opening two identical cases then closing both instead of just one and couldnt for some reason sort it out… It took months for them to correct my case & restart it correctly…

They then claimed I owed them the money my ex claimed I hadnt paid her plus assessed my case on incorrect contact details… I appealed following the correct proceedure and provided evidence of my ex partners lies… Contact diaries Id kept plus bank statements detailing voluntary payments made… The CSA found in my favour at the appeal and i recieved a letter stating such…

I have never missed a payment since… complied with all thier requests some of which have been in my opinion excessive since… However in either 2007/ 2008 I had a call from the complaints/ debt department saying I owed them thousands of pounds…. where from they didnt know, why they didnt know, just that their computer system said i owed it so I , threatened me with court orders and that they would deduct it straight from my wages if I didnt comply with a payment schedule… I challenged this and went through months of stress, inconvenience, threats etc… to finally have a case worker say they were asking for my paper files and that they would be in contact…. No more contact from CSA…. i contact them, debt gone from account everything OK, dont know what has happened blah blah blah… no furthger contact & i dont miss a payment…. 12 months later…. same phone call, same threats, same conversations, same stress, same outcome…. somebody there must come accross paperwork showing I dont owe money & it disappears from system & no more contact…. I continue to make payments….. 12 months later same call from same number same outcome….. was reassessed end of 2010/ start 2011…. again problems with competence & it took 6 months of sending in payslips, resending them, we need another, we need another….

Then my assessment was complete and my payments reduced due to increased contact …. I didnt ever get any paperwork/ letter confirming new schedule, as has happened before, I changed the payment myself to what was verbally confirmed by case worker and have not missed a payment since… contacted them to ask for schedule on many occasions and nothing ever turned up… Then yesterday the same old phonecall from the same old number… I missed it but called regular number… They confirmed that the call was due to underpayment of contribution since August when new payment schedule was put in place due to thousands of pounds I owe them…..

Same old conversation followed by me making official complint to supervisor who couldnt tell me anything or see where the debt was from just that it appeared in August, wasnt there in March wen reassessment occured and that i will now have to write to them to dispute the debt which I have done before and will have to provide documentay proof again that I dont owe the debt….. Im at my whits end with these people.. any advice would be much appreciated…

I would like some legal advice but please not from ambulance chasers who just want to empty my wallet.. Thanks Also they have sent me absolutely no paperwork detailing any previous resolutions but they do have details of me contacting them before relating to this matter


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. armed with the facts. Ask your M.P. to request a full breakdown of the alleged arrears, also ask for a complete review of your case! Perhaps ask your M.P. to refer your case to the serious fraud office and explain to them that you are not the only victim of this scam!

    This happened to me and I got stitched up with £6,500 of arrears. The CSA to this day have not explained where these arrears came from!

    You can always tell when the trail of the non payers dries up! They come after those all ready in the system, becaus it’s too hard to go after the non payers!

  • mark says:

    have the same problem myself, but I know where the “debt” comes from, They cocked up my assessment in1997 and after1 1/2 years in the hands of my MP they admitted their mistake and removed the incorrect debt.
    Once I had paid off the real debt (2003) they started chasing me for the “removed” debt. they have taken me to court twice and not been able to produce evidence and I have just received a summons for next week and my daughter is now grown up and I do not pay anything to the csa.
    God I’m glad I kept all the correspondence “just in case”.

  • Nikki Bell says:

    An update…

    I wrote to my local MP with my details and he has agreed to take the issue up with the CSA… I received a letter saying he has wrote to Angela Marsh-Davies, the CSA’s senior resolution manager. I have had several calls since from CSA to confirm this..

    In the mean time they have also been in touch with my ex, I think looking for some scrap of evidence that there was arrears, but she has disappointed them saying that I have never missed a payment and dont owe her any money.

    Worryingly though the CSA have stated over the phone that they will not contact me in writing about this…. Why I dont know but I think they are still holding onto the slim chance that they will be able to come back to me in the future with the debt.. They have admitted that there has been a “glitch” with my case… So I’m some way into sorting this matter for good…… But there are niggling doubts and suspicions that this is not going to be the end of this, mearly another chapter in the debacle, as they kept mentioning arrears throughout the conversations we had… But i suppose Ill just have to wait & see what come of it all.. I tell you one thing for sure.. I will not be paying any arrears they try to say I owe as I owe nothing.. Im willing to go all the way with it too..

    I suspect that name of the senior resolution manager I’ve put in this update might be of interest to many people on here & I recommend those with issues bombard her with emails, letters & phonecalls..

    I will update with more info as this progresses so that people may be able better progress their issues.

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