Why should I pay csa for my kids when I am not allowed to see them?

March 20, 2010

I have been with my feiencee for just over a year now and my ex wife has decided to stop me seeing my kids and blaming my feiancee for this!

she is telling lies to my children and other people and has managed to turn my eldest daughter against us both!! My feiancee has never done any wrong to my children, she has taken me out of a 2 bedroomed scabby council flat in to a nice new 3 bedroomed house which is a better environment for myself and my children to which my ex wife is extreamily jealous of aswell as my relationship!!!

it has taken me this long to relise that over the past 7 years that we have been deivorced that she has been controlling me yes i must bee a compleate twat to let someone control me but at the time i didnt relise it!!!! we both work full time and my feiancee has 3 children from a preivious marrage, her children live with there dad and we are all happy with our current situation!

My ex wife had starting to make our lives hell since aug last year over stupid petty things to do with my kids over money not letting us have a weekend without the kids so we could go out for a night threating me and has even dumped the 2 youngest children outside and drove off!!!! she also says that because my feiancee left her kids that she is trying to get me to do the same because she hates kids!!!! she has 6 kids all together 3 with myself and 3 with an other man who has since left her so she is on her own with 6 children and claiming every benefit under the sun!!!

As she has stopped me seeing my children iam now having to pay 86pound a week out of my wages i work 6 days a week and come home with 186 as the csa take the money out of my wages!!! why do farthers like me and meny thousands of others have to suffer because of their selfish ex wifes who are bitter and twisted and want to take you for every penny you have but wont let you see their kids either its bloody discusting i can see why meny dads take there own lifes because of csa and heartache!!!!


  • Brokenfather says:

    Sorry pal, I have little sympathy for fathers who claim their relationship with their children is being obstructed when in fact they only wanted to see them when it suited them.

    You should talk to some real fathers that havent seen their children for years, or have had them taken to the other end of the country, and would have given anything to have them ‘dumped’ on them every weekend …..

  • danny milarky says:

    In Islamic Law your ex wife would have been sentenced to “stoneing”
    This is the only thing they have got right 100%.
    No split arse has the right to play God with children. Pledge to push this
    biped into the depths of hell

  • ben says:

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