Waliu makes another video about the CSA

May 12, 2008

If you remember father Waliu and his heartfelt videos on YouTube about his access to his child and the money he has been forced to pay, you’ll be interested to know that he has added another video about his plight.

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You can watch the first video here, and the second video here.


  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] 1) LOL…Haa ha, it’s me again, I would say go with your family. If some how you can get the money to spend, and have a good time. At the end of the day when all the smoke has cleared your x girl don’t give a shit about you; sorry to say that, she’s just wants your money so she can spend on her new man. And pay the mortgage if she has one, buy new clothes and cars maybe she will buy your child a t-shirt, who knows. Have you taken a DNA test?Take one make sure the child is yours.

  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] continued 2) because you’re vindictive x does not want you to see the child. And even if you was. You could not afford to buy the child anything all you could do is love your child and give the child the sense you are the farther. And you love him or her

  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] 3)Bottom line you have to come up with a skank, some sort of a scam, so you don’t have to pay as much as you’re paying. If not YOU will suffer financially and gain nothing choice is yours its all ok being Mr good guy but that don’t get you no where

  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] Not all of us have are mum or dad or even friends to help us financially or emotionally so in some respects you are lucky, you have that. But please don’t think it will blow over in a matter of weeks even if you payments go down from £400 you’ll get a letter after a couple of months claiming you’re in arrears of £20000 Then you will have to fight that. reason why you may get a letter like that because CSA have a habit of ripping people off and getting away with it if they feel you an easy target

  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] Complain complain complain, reason why you vindictive x will not make you see the child it’s because she’s gets more money if you don’t see the child. Your payment would be half if you saw the child. A little bit of advice right or phone CSA and claim you see the child and you want a refund lol. That’s what I did and let her prove otherwise make her feel how it feels to have money taken away from her.

  • GHEEZAA says:

    [..YouTube..] But bear in mind CSA never recover money from female’s only males

  • vickiecarson says:

    [..YouTube..] you know i’ll never understand the csa Mark gets away with being a shit father to me i use the term loosely and while some decent fekking bloke like u who just wants to see his little boy gets fek all help but they bent over backwards for the useless peice of scum when he couldnt afford arreas to my mum the csa is a total waste of space

  • ManYouFat says:

    [..YouTube..] dude you should see you son men do have rights to see there child and you giving them £400 a month !!!

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