The Child Support Agency lied in court

June 8, 2011

I recently had to go to court because the CSA said they had been chasing me since 2000. I had a daughter with a girl back in 1993 and due to her mother not being an upstanding citizen in the least, we broke up and she left saying that I would never see my daughter again and she wanted nothing from me. It took years of therapy, alcohol abuse and mental anguish to get my head into a space where I could think of my daughter without curling into a ball and crying. To cut a long, long story short, the CSA must have found out that I had a daughter by prying into private files, because when I asked them in court how they knew, they replied “We do not have that information“.

Secondly they said they had sent me numerous letters to numerous addresses, when I asked to which addresses? They said “We do not have that information”. So to many other questions they answered the same “We do not have that information“.

The case was adjourned and I really thought it would be thrown out of court. I went back to court on a later date and they had with them a list of made up addresses which I had never heard of. They said they tried to contact me at these and I said I had never lived at them to which they replied “It’s down here in writing so its proof“. WTF????? The CSA representitive went on with lie after lie and spoke of my daughter as if she was a product. I got upset and broke down, tried to tell my story.

I thought that because I had never been contacted by these morons until Feb 2011 and they made everything up (including a completely made up list of money I had paid them already????), the case would be thrown out of court.

How wrong I was, the Magistrates went off to consider what had been said, came back and the case went in the favour of the CSA. They had won with lies and no evidence. Incredible. And to top it all the CSA rep was laughing at me when the paperwork was being signed. I was very upset and she was laughing…This criminal, sick, sick, sick organisation needs to be stopped before more innocent people are hurt or worse because of their lies. I have had to set up a standing order to pay off the money I apparently owe and guess what?

The day it was supposed to come out it never did. So here we go, more f**king letters and more grief to my already stressed family from this moronic, useless, pituary driven bunch of arseh*les. Put me in charge of this country, I tell you heads would roll, literally.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    John Marston says:-
    “Put me in charge of this country, I tell you heads would roll, literally.”

    Every tried sacking a public sector worker?
    In a recent BBC Panorama programme about unemployment for the over 50s,they produced evidence that ex public sector workers found finding employment harder than those who have worked in the private sector.
    I wonder why….?
    Many of those employed (not working for) by the CSA are incompetent and the only employment they can find after leaving the CSA is working for companies advising NRP and PWC about dealing with the CSA…
    What a racket!

  • John says:

    If you lie in court under oath, isn’t that perjury. Complain to the court and have those who have lied back in the witness box to explain to the court why they have lied!

    Then call the police and have them arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice!

  • kevin says:

    If you can prove that you were not at the addresses they posted the paperwork to…..they have no claim against you!!! How can you be held accountable for something you were not aware of??

    Contact your electoral role office for a print out of all addresses you were registered at, along with the dates and send it to them registered post.

    How I know this will work….. I did it successfully. They are the most corrupt company in the world but if you stand up to them you will always have a chance!!! I am currently suing them 3K for maladministration which I am 99% certain I will win.

    All the best

  • sadie says:

    hi kevin, have u been to a tribunal? we have got one in 5 days time. our story is 12 years ago my other half had a one nite stand 1999, a while later he recieves forms from csa saying they want maintenance for a child (2000), he signed and said he was not the father, as he didnt think he was as the woman was with some1 else at the time. not long after he was forced to leave home by his parents so was sleeping rough and on friends floors, his parents moved house too. the year later he joins the armed forces. last year 2010 he had a letter from the csa saying we have been informed you are working and to give wage info, he called them up ,didnt pass any security checks , didnt know what child they were on about they wouldnt give names etc. well after much fighting and arguing we found out it was the woman from all those years back, he had even forgot about the letter he had recieved back then when he denied been the parent. well we got a dna test the child is his. but the csa say he owes 10k in arrears. they are trying to claim in 2006 they contacted him asking for wage info, they say they wrote to him at his parents old address, also they wrote to his employers asking for his wage details, his address etc, the employer wrote back saying cant give address as in operatioal zone(iraq) but supplied all the wage info, i have requested the data protection files and in the files there is no evidence of any letter been sent only to the army. it took them 4 years from the alleged date they last contacted him to contact him again, a calculation was done and they are taking 40% of wages for the arrears too. xo we are disputing the arrears. in the data files there are several dates saying which the effective date is one in 2006, one in 2009.. they didnt contact him for over 9 years and want 10k from us. its so annoying as its the csa thats caused this, they had all the information and have failed to act upon it. there reply to some evidence i submitted was we dont need to contact him, obviously if they expect him to be aware of any money owed, communication would work wonders and not have put us into debt pushing our family into poverty. are tribunals scary

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