Record your calls with the CSA

July 13, 2010

I moved jobs from company A in Feb 2010 to Company B and then to company C in April 2010. All the way along I called and spoke to the CSA telling them of my moves.

The first time I spoke to them they sent me a document to fill out which I did. The the second time the guy asked for the details over the phone which I was a bit uneasy about but still gave them and I took the CSA banking details as I wanted to make payments. A couple of months went by and I email and I called them and was told to wait until I had 2 wage slip and then I should send those in. In the mean time I got my xwife to also chase them up (check this out I the person paying my xwife the person getting the money are chasing the people CSA).

Anyway they called me back twice and to be fair I didn’t take the call as I was driving at the time and the law in the UK is quite clear not allowed to use your mobile phone unless it is on a car kit. Which by the way I do not have. So there fore when driving I don’t take calls.

I need to point out (1) the called Id is hidden and (2) No voicemail. So who are you supposed to call back? Then you get a rude letter threating you a couple of days later.

Anyway I called then and went through the whole thing with them. They claimed I didn’t tell them that I was moving companies. Which I then responed by say (a) How did I get your banking details. Couldn’t give me an answer. I then told them that I record all incoming and outgoing calls. Well at this point suddenly they didn’t want to carry on the call. As they knoew then that everything they said would be a matter of record. I strongly urge anyone who deals with the CSA to record all calls and also to make a note of the date and time. Don’t worry about the name they give you as in most case it is false.

By the way the law is very clear as long as one party agrees to the call being recorded that is fine. I would say there is only a very small amount of people at the CSA who know what they are doing, the others are usless.

They say they can not send you emails, hello! CSA, you managed to send one to my employer. They give you a fax number which is engaged all the time. When you call in they refute your call and do not even capture the fact correctly.

I think Mr Cameron Should start there with regards to budget cuts get rid of the dead wood and employ people who really want to work. Also give every called a ref number that is tied to the call.


  • M J Campbell says:

    Dear Sirs
    Once again I was the victim of yet another threatening and abusive call today from a Mr D K (Belfast Office) demanding payment that is still in dispute and is supposed to be dealt with by the ICE and also The Appeals Tribunal and Court Service in Birmingham.
    Mr D K was concerned that I was recording his phone call and “that is ilegal”…
    I demanded to know who he was and why he was calling me!
    When he (thought ) that I was recording his message (I wish I was) he rang off.
    So I went straight round to my local JSA office to make a formal complaint against MR D K as the culprit..
    I was most surprised when in the process of making the complaint..I was asked to name my “X” partner as one of their so called “identifying” questions..I reminded the caller that naming my ex on the phone was a clear breach of the Data Protection ACt..when I pointed out that my “X” had failed to notify the CSA (as mother with care) that she had changed her address!
    So when I try to get information regarding my ex “it is against the data protection act(only when it suits the CSA) when the CSA want to track down my ex they ask me to breach the Data Protection Act (that they like to hide behind in the first place)

    to sum up then, for me to ask the CSA for my ex`s details this will envoke the wrath of the Data Protection act!
    in the process if Identifying who I am they ask me to Name my ex is this not a breach of her Data protection act?
    I did argue that I was going to accuse the DWP of money laundering as they were going to take money from me to pay to my ex while they admit they do not have her latest address!
    So If they don`t have her address how and when will they be in a position to take money from me to pay her…”Ahh but we don`t have her address but we do have account acount detials…”…really how very strange!
    M J C
    ….I hope any information I can can gleen from these idiots at the CSA Belfast will be of use to you and any other father being abused in this way!

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