PWC using my children against me

March 6, 2010

I guess the only way out of it is suicide, Im wobbling on the edge of doing it myself!

I have 2 boys 19 and 16, not seen them for years, she stopped me seeing them when I left her just after the second one was born. She was always going out with her mates at my expense, staying out leaving me to babysit, coming in at all hours, so in the end I told her ive had enough of her ways after several warnings of threats of leaving. As soon as I was out of the door she was on the phone to the CSA!.

I had an attatchment of earnings order slapped on me for 110 a week, I was only on 130 a week so I quit my job! I got another job to fob them off as I had it in my mind that if I cant see them Im not paying!! I went from job to job address to address from then on until I was arrested at work and put before the judge. I owed over 25k in arrears and was told I was to pay £300 a month and I was on a suspended sentence, if I miss any payments I will be back in court where they will order commital for 42 days! That was in june 2008.

I was injured in an accident last july (2009) and off work for 2 months. I am self employed and didnt get sick pay, so I had to borrow off family and im still paying that back, then 3 weeks off at xmas with no pay. Plus with me now on short hours still struggling with over 35k of debt my ex wife kindly left me as all loans and credit cards were in my name (durrr) I am now on pins now as I am waiting for the next court letter when I will be sent down for 42 days!

My current wife is on pins as is her 2 kids I have taken on due to the money worries and threat of jail. I am looking at bankruptcy for the personal debts but the CSA debt will still be there as its government money i owe as she has already had the benifits so CSA money is basicaly paid back to what she has claimed! Not sure if anyone else is in so much of a mess like me but I just wanted to see my kids and wasnt allowed so in protest stopped paying.

I just wish women would stop using kids as personal ammunition when parents split, its the kids that always suffer!


  • Brokenfather says:

    I do not understand how a parent can complain that they are left to ‘babysit’ their own children, it’s call caring, that’s what parents do.

  • Gary Hilton says:

    Theres a difference in that my friend, she wasnt working so while she was out on the lash or wherever she was coming in at all hours, I was working so I was looking after the kids, getting up in the middle of the night cos she was either too pissed to do it or wasnt even home at all to feed them. She was too busy caring for herself , thats why we split up, I gave her enough warnings to change her ways but she thought I would never leave! How wrong she was!!! So are you telling me that you would put up with that then?!

  • Brokenfather says:

    Yes, willingly.

    If she was such a bad mother why did you leave your children with her?

  • Gary Hilton says:

    Well I did inform the social services about her conduct but they didnt even see her. One day she even locked the front door with the kids outside playing in the street and didnt answer the door when they wanted to come in, because she was in bed with a bloke she just met! My eldest at the time was 3 years old walked 2 miles across several main roads until he got to his godfathers house! He was gobsmacked and angry so he called me and I went to pick him up and take him back. When she finally answered the door we had a slanging match which she lost as she didnt have a leg to stand on and the bloke did a runner out of the back door! I called the social services again and guess what they did nothing again!!! She denied anything happened and as there was no proof that was that! I couldnt have the kids myself as I was staying at my sisters as well as working away. What else could I have done? I did worry every day but I wasnt allowed to see my kids, I could have done but I would have been put in hospital by her brothers or even worse! I know this would have happened as they have done time in the past for GBH, ABH and malicious wounding so I knew they would have done it! The police said they cant do anything as no crime had been commited, so basically they would have only done anything after they put me in hospital! Its a great country we have! Fucked every way I turned! Never mind it wil soon be Christmas! lol

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