PWC is getting money from all sides, including children!

March 24, 2010

I have been paying maintenance for my two sons since 2001 through a voluntary arrangement with my ex-wife. She has just applied to the CSA to get more money after I refused to pay it to her. My kids (17 and 12) are with me for 182 nights a year. The CSA rules only account for when they SLEEP at my house, yet the real expense for me is the feeding and transporting I do in that time that their mother clearly does not!

She works part-time as a lifestyle choice, so I have said that if she feels the kids need more money, then she should earn it, as I work full-time and do not have the capacity to earn more.

She does!

I have explained to the CSA that the only way I can afford to pay the extra £100 per month they have calculated, is to stop paying into the fund I have created to help my son through university when he goes next year. So, I take it from my son, and give it to my ex-wife! BRILLIANT!

He will not see or benefit from one penny of that money, as she already makes him pay for his own clothes from the bit of cash he earns through his part-time job. She gets money from me, her boyfriend, her wages and family allowance. What it must be like to sit at home and have people hand money over to you! Who exactly does this useless agency profess to serve? Certainly not the interests of the children. All they have done is allow themselves to be manipulated by a spiteful, idle and controlling woman who only wants more money from me to enable herself to stay at home and continue her society lifestyle with her live-in boyfriend.


  • Sad Mum says:

    Sadly this seems to be the most common story that I have been comng across over the last few months, looking for support while having the same problems with the CSA.

    The CSA agency is suppost to stop “child poverty” all it is doing is causing misery and distroying good peoples lives.

    I’m all for chasing parents that have children and take no responsibility, but the CSA have no interest in these people, as these are the ones that don’t bother to work at all or know how to play the system well.

    We are easy targets hard working parents that provide for our children, support and take responsibility.

    What I really take offence by is the new generation of greedy parents with control, using their children as meal ticket for an easy life, if all our children got the money paid to them, I don’t think there would be many complaints.

    Yet another government agency that have got it completely wrong.a law above them selves that go against all it was set up for and nobody listens.

    We all need to standtogether what better time than coming up to the next general election, sadly most of us that come to this place are hard working people that are working our arses off to provide for our kids and just keep our heads above water.

    we do need to do this join afairercsaforall

    But on a final note our kids are not stupid, hopefully as they grow in to adults that realise what the score is and will love and respect you more for it

    Good luck

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