Parents living abroad escape CSA

May 5, 2008

According to research by the Conservatives, more than 6,200 non-resident parents are living abroad, and only a quarter of them are paying through the child support agency. This means that around 5,000 parents are escaping paying for their children, with a total debt of over £26,000,000.

The research says that parents living outside the UK are getting away without paying far more than parents living in the country.

Figures also reveal that the CSA are currently owed £3.7 Billion, which represents an increase of £200 Million from the previous year, and an increase of £1.4 Billion since the year 2000.

The CSA say that less than half of the money they are owed is actually recoverable, meaning they have written off over £2 Billion. The money ‘owed’ to the CSA is increasing at approximately £16 Million each month, almost £200 Million every year. This money is owed by a staggering 137,700 uncleared cases.

You can read the CSA Quarterly Statistics here.

The new CSA scheme has a worse set of results than the previous scheme. Of this new scheme, only 65% of cases actually pay where 72% paid through the old system. Mistakes are rife as well with only 85% of calculations are deemed accurate. The old system saw 92% of maintenance calculations deemed accurate.

The worse thing of all is that the CSA costs over £500 Million per year to run, which is twice what it cost in 1997.

Chris Grayling, the Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said:

It is now 11 years since this Government first promised to get to grips with the CSA and each year that goes by it seems that more and more families get caught up in a system that’s just not working. The Government has promised great plans for reform but the families that have experienced problems in the last few years will remain sceptical.


  • matthew says:

    my 3 children i live with are being forced into poverty by the csa… they want half of our tax credits for my ex partner with my 2 children ,, discusting goverment we have im affraid. my wife now wants to leave our home and go on her own back into a councill house and back on benifits which will cost the tax payer more .. we were given this advise by somone who has done this and are now better of and living better …. what a good idea .. so declare splitting up live appart have seperate claims ,, then the csa cant starve your kids that you live with to feed your exes kids with caviar .. or ex partner with new shoes and hair… we are just looking into it now as we have had enough

  • claire says:

    Well, My ex moved abroad abandoning his 6 year old disabled son and escaped 10 years of child support . I cleaned up other peoples mess to make ends meet and cared for our disabled son. Now after 10 years his sorry ass comes back to this country to live with another woman in tow who has 2 kids. Now the new woman is moaning about her kids left in poverty and that he has topay me now. Tough shit i say!.

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