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Paid our CSA arrears and now they’re asking for more

I have paid exactly what the CSA requested by direct debit. when I no longer had to pay due to my children not being in full time education they stated I was £1,700 in arrears.

we refuted this claim as we had paid religiously by direct debit and asked for a face to face meeting. The CSA did not offer us a meeting despite promising they would do so and then started taking money straight from my wage under a deductions of earnings.

Now that we have paid off this arrears they still continued to take money out of my wage. I therefore contacted them for a breakdown of my account and to stop taking the money.

this request was made on 5-1-10 and I am still awaiting the breakdown. I have been in regular contact with the CSA (i.e. me phoning them) but despite this and people promising they will take actions and phone me up thet never do.

I was eventually phoned today (after multiple phone calls and 5 emailed complaints) and the case worker stated they had calculated I was still over £700 in arrears. How can paying over £1700 when this was the debt still leave me £700 in arrears. also to rub salt in the wounds they informed me my complaints about their broken promises with regard to making contact (around 26 promises of next day call backs, to which I never recieved 1 call back) and other actions such as promising to send a stop order to my employers and not doing so are not valid complaints.

Does anyone know who I can contact directly in the CSA (i.e. senior manager) to inform them of the times, dates, and details of every time they have let me down as I believe I have a valid complaint.

Also has anyone any experience of taking legal action as I do not wish to take this day light robbery lying down.

Thanks, Tony

2 thoughts on “Paid our CSA arrears and now they’re asking for more

  1. Hi Tony.
    More or less the same has happened to me.
    For several years they were chasing me saying I owed £13,000 in arrears. I did owe some arrears but knew it was not over £2,000 and some time ago was lucky to have the ICE Team investigate which resulted in them ordering the CSA to recalculate finding I only owed £1,800.
    Upon receiving the letter telling me this, with no apology by the way! I wrote back to them accepting the figure and asked them how I was to start paying it. Three months went by without a reply and due to a sham law, because I had made no payment, they were then allowed to reinstate a deferred debt of £4,000 on top of the £1,800!!
    Since then they have denied ever receiving my letter, (how very convenient for them) and have now issued an enforcement notice for this ‘outstanding debt’ of £4,000!
    I really don’t know what to do, I don’t owe this money and am, as far as I am concerned fully squared up with them now but because of laws introduced by the last government they can still railroad their way through my life.

  2. I got this from
    CSA PCU Durham House
    [email protected]

    Dear Mr Delahunty

    Thank you for your e mail of 19/09/11 addressed to Maria Miller. Unfortunately there was not enough detail to allow us to trace your record. We need more information from you, however, your chosen method of contact (e mail), causes us difficulty. E mail is not regarded as a secure method for sending personal information. For example, the Information Commissioner recommends caution in the use of e mail as a channel for sending personal information. If you wish to receive a response will you please send the original email to us by post providing further information, for example, your National Insurance number, your 12 digit case reference number or the reference which begins CSA/ ? If you are writing on behalf of someone else, you will need to provide their information in order for them to be traced on our records and authority from them that you are a representative. The address to send the information to is:

    Office of the Managing Director
    PO Box 247
    Tyne and Wear
    NE38 9AT

    Should you choose to send further information to us via e-mail I must advise you that you do so at your own risk.

    If we do not hear from you within 10 working days it will be assumed you no longer wish to continue with your complaint.


    Parliamentary Correspondence Team

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