Overpaid the CSA but no refund?

January 11, 2011

I was sent a schedule from CSA stating I was to have (deducted from salary) 800 sep, oct and nov then 450 dec 2010 to aug 2011. my company forgot to amend the dec 2010 deduction and gave 800 to csa instead of 450. for 3 weeks i have been trying to get the 350 refunded. CSA have told me 24 hours for refund, then refund 1-2 working days, then it was with another case worker, then it was waiting for the central accounts team, then i was to receive a giro that i could cash same day which is quickest way of getting the overpayment, then i was told refund delayed, due soon, then case worker changed, then new case worker works night shift, one story after another to fob me off, then finally given the news… we cant give you a refund!!!

We admit you have paid too much but cant do anything so can you get it off your ex wife !!! This money has been budgetted for and at christmas was a bad time.

For 9 days before christmas csa gave me the impression i would have my money back before christmas, if i had relied on them my 3 children who were with me most of christmas and new year would have lost out all round. Luckily i was able to juggle money around but i pity others who would have been in the lurch.

Any comments anyone ????


  • hg says:

    the csa decided to take £900 arrears off me before xmas consequently xmas was cancelled….:(

  • S Stelfox says:

    My issue with the child support agency started when my ex abandoned my son so he came to live with me not a problem. Well as the story unfolds 33% of my wages where still being taken from me. I contacted the csa with all the information required to proove that I was now the only cairer for my son child benefit tax credits etc. they told me that I still owed £1500 in back payments ok not a problem. But after these back payments where made still csa taking my money. Again I called the csa they told me I will be refunded and payments will stop. But no they did not stop they took a further £2000 from me until the independent case examiner got involved. They informed me that I had over paid and to expect a refund. But this never arrived 50 odd phone calls later still no refund. I then applied for csa from my ex again no payments refunded and I have never been paid csa from my ex partner. The csa seem to me to be highly incompetent and sexist towards males in regards to cases either way. This organisation set up to help single parents receive moneys from absent parents was for me a complete let down causing me a single parent at the time financial hard ship. An absolute disgrace get you act together now.

  • Mr g jones says:

    My ex has been claiming child support for nearly 18yrs now but I’ve just found out that my son never went to college or further education after leaving the his comprehensive school when he was 16, he got a job and has been working till about 3 months ago. I’ve not seen him for about 4 years I think his mother poisoned him against me then all of a sudden he turns up at my door & tell me all this. I’ve worked out it’s about £2000 I’ve paid & shouldn’t have I was going to ring the csa tonight after work but from wot ive been reading seems a waste of time

  • MrBrown says:

    @Mr G Jones-I have a similar problem. I was sent a schedule and ordered to make payments by standing order. I was led to believe my son of 18 was doing a 2 year college course. In fact he only did 1 year. The PWC stopped receiving Child Benefit but I was not aware of this having no contact (and for the time that I did have contact I was lied to anyway so I had no way of knowing their situation). I asked the CSA several times how would I know when my payments stopped and they said when Child Benefit stops. It came to my attention that my son had not only finished his education but was also working full time in paid employment since March! The CSA then confirmed that my liability ended in September 12 and that I have indeed overpaid. However, they are now saying it was
    MY responsibility to inform them of the change in circumstances (how when I didn’t know!). They say they have made a ‘discretionary decision’ not to refund me and the PWC is claiming that my son hasn’t been working and that she is financially responsible for him. His employer has confirmed verbally that he was working full time for about 3 months so she is clearly lying and the CSA are falling for her lies and believing her sob story. She hasn’t worked for 18 years and has now managed to start her own business and my ‘skint’ son has apparently just bought a car!
    It’s a disgraceful misuse of power on the part of the CSA. I have played by the rules for the last 15 years and supported both my kids-but they are grown ups now and this is outrageously unfair!

  • John Macdonald Whipp says:

    In December 2006 myself and my ex wife separated. We have 2 children together, who I have always provided for to my utmost ability. We began by having a mutual agreement which was satisfactory to us both and then out of the blue she contacted the CSA. I did not have an issue with this as I honestly have never refused to support my children. In December 2010 I received 2 letters from the CSA on the same day, one asking for me to supply proof of earnings and the other to advise me that they had applied for an attachment of earnings order as I had not supplied proof of earnings! I contacted them immediately but they said it was too late because they had already applied to my employer and could not rescind the order. Ignoring the embarrassment this caused me at work I decided to not pursue a complaint as I was willing to pay anyway (and it meant they no longer had my bank details on record). Everything has been fine until I discovered my son now aged 19, is on a management scheme and in full time employment but I was still paying £117 pcm CSA payments. I contacted CSA in March 2017 to ask for a review and explained why. I again contacted them by telephone in July and they advised me that my ex wife had failed to respond to their attempts to contact her (for 2 months!) but failed to inform me of this. They agreed to ‘suspend’ payments until they carried out a child benefit check. Unfortunately this was past the cut off date to prevent my employer making the automatic payment and so the CSA informed me they would retain Mays payment and refund it to me if she failed to make contact. I called the CSA falkirk office yesterday, 19 may 2017, and was advised my case has been closed and they would look at reimbursing my money. I was also promised a call back, which never happened. Today Saturday 20 may 2017 I again contacted them and i was nonchalantly advised that ‘sorry the payment has been made to my ex wife’
    I spoke with a manager who said there is nothing she could do but would get it ‘looked into’ I advised her that I want my money back immediately as I am pretty positive my ex won’t pay it back. During the call I was also advised that I should have ceased pay in in September 2015.
    I am confused as to what the role of the CSA actually is? I have NO contact with my ex or, unfortunately, with my children and i have a daughter with my present wife so I need that money to provide for her. I know that the CSA will drag this out for months and i really am unwilling to wait months for something I should have now. I asked what action would be taken to recover this from my ex, such as AOE order and was advised this is not possible! Why, she has commited fraud but the police will do nothing and CSA will do nothing so my ex is allowed to break the law and not even be forced to pay it back. In my job I meet many men who have commited fraud against the tax man and have been given custodial sentences for it. Why is it different?
    I would like my case to go straight to the parliament ombudsmen to highlight the failings of the CSA on behalf of genuine, honest, hard working ‘absent’ (CSA name for us not mine) parents nd I would like the Secretary of state to refund all monies owed to me. The CSA took the money from me (not my ex) , surely they should pay it back

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