No proof I was paying my ex direct

June 25, 2010

I am concerned i have been told that i owe the Child support agency £30/000 pounds for my two children which one is 22 and the other is 18 i was shocked to find that i owe this amount

I was paying my ex wife but have no proof that i have paid her also the 22 year old was working for me at 16 yrs and earning £700 pound a month and living with me, and the same for my other son who was came to live with me and also worked for me to his mother still claimed his family allowance .

Also the ex wife worked with me at my company with her partner who has changed his name by depol because he don’t want to pay for his children child maintenance .

And they were taking £200 month off me out of my wages and they still reckon i owe this money.

I have been threatened with prison crikey surely this is going to cost them more money i now agreed to pay £100 month but i am angry why pick on the guys who have been paying .

Typical Tories Government back in there never get my vote ever again.


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  1. Martin Carey on October 29th, 2011 11:12 am

    I to have been dragged into this wierd and wonderful world of the CSA.

    I have always paid my CSA payment, ontime, every month, only to be told 4 months ago I owed £3308. I argued this and they said that my ex had not provided any proof of payment so therefore I hadn’t paid!

    I sent in 5 years of bank statements and a signed payment schedule, which they lost. I sent it again, by recorded post, and guess what, it was lost again.

    I recently complained as I deal with 2 offices, Plymouth and Crewe. And they don’t talk to each other and have 2 seperate systems. I then got a phone call to say my ex has admitted she recieved £864 so i now owe £2203.18. I’ve paid by standing order since 2010 direct to the agency and they don’t know about this either!

    I’m waiting for the outcome of the complaint, but My advice to you would be to turn it around on the CSA, I got some advice that basically said they cannot level a prosecution without providing you the evidence that you have not paid, so ask them. They will have to go to your ex which will incriminate her and you get off.

    As they have lost my bank records as well i’m considering suing them for a breach of data protection. If you have had this as well contact the Information commission they will help you.

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