Never received a penny from the CSA

August 15, 2010

My son is now 15 and a half, we have never received a single penny in CSA payments from his absent father.

I fill in CSA forms and it all gets going – NO PAYMENT arrives Case closed, left his job!! – Blah blah blah I open another case – same again!

After about 3 years I open ANOTHER case, he refuses to fill in forms and provide info so a default payment is issued of £30 a week plus £5 arrears.
NOTHING comes to me at all!!!

I ring again asking why?? They are going to look into it, a face to face visit im told – NOTHING ! I ring again some months later – Ahhh im now told the case was closed???? Why and how????

Re-opened – now a criminal compliance case will be opened against him – A month later I ring again – ahhh guess what not followed up, not a thing done since I rang! A month later again I ring again, they are going to inland rev to see if he has an employer? will be sorted asap! A month later AGAIN – Ive just been told yes he’s working, forms were sent to his employer and never filled in and returned!!!!!

Never chased up by CSA Why????

A new compliance apparently is going to be started!! What a joke ffs my son will be leaving full time education in 9 months and I will have had a total of £0.00 child maintanance all of his life!!!!

What a joke !!
Suggestions please !!


  • Thomas Annetts says:

    if it was in the hands of the courts like it used to be you wouldnt have this problem the csa are shite for everyone

  • Jayne Bushell says:

    I had exactly the same problems as you been waiting 18 years for maintenance and fobbed off everytime with excuses after excuses, I know how frustrated it is for you, it made me really ill. My case has now been closed again as my kids are now adults, fighting now for arrears amounting to £25,000 i dont hold my breath as you say a complete joke !!! Have you contacted your MP (not that they will do anything )

  • Laura Johnstone says:

    Your story is pretty much identical to mine, they always say the case is with criminal compliance and some1 will phone bk – never happens! My MP agreed to help last week so we'll see if that gets things going!

  • Karen Bedford says:

    Emma I had the criminal compliance unit get the info (that I telling them for years) in April 08, showing that my ex (self employed) had lied about his earnings to the Inland Revenue and CSA (obviously) how much he really earnt and had saved (5 bank accounts) I got a tribunal in Mar 09 – which I have appealed on as the Judge made it so obvious he was biased against me (Ive had many tribunals and win – with a Chairman and 2 professionals i.e. legal expert and accountant in London) I am still awaiting actual confirmation that I will get this appeal overturned and a new one set, even though I have been told over the phone many times that it will be, I was one of the first ones that the Criminal Compliance Unit investigated. I thought this would not solve the problem but Im still waiting while my ex has time to change bank accounts, take the money out, etc.

  • Julie Harrison says:

    My daughter is 15 and I have had a long battle with the CSA.I closed my case under the 'old' set of rules in April and opened a new case under the 'new' set of rules 13 weeks later.I ring the CSA every week because they never inform you what's happening not that they are very helpful when I ring!After speaking to incompetent caseworkers I finally found out last week that my case I opened over 7 weeks ago hasn't even opened because there is arrears on the old case!!!7 weeks have been wasted!more weeks of no money for my daughter!I actually cried last week after speaking to yet another useless caseworker who couldn't help me but I wont give up because it's my child and she's worth fighting for!I have sent a complaint into the CSA about my case because they haven't closed my old case down properly,which isn't my fault!I have also emailed my local MP,who rang me the day after to say they were sending me a form out to fill in and then they would follow my case up.I will keep you posted!It's hard work fighting against the CSA,just always take peoples names that you speak to,keep note of dates you have called and any other details and if you go on a site called say no to 0845 numbers there is a cheaper alternative number to call which puts you through to the CSA as normal.Hope this helps xx

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