Need help to complain to CSA

April 19, 2010

I need help in how to make a complaint to the CSA, I had a direct debit set up until Febuary this year until I lost my job, I rang and told the CSA about this and was told I still had to pay £5 a week! I then found work which started in March and again I rang and told them about my new post, I told them what my new salary was and said that I wanted to start up the payments again, I was told that they could not accept any payment until I could provide 3 months of pay slips (I am monthly paid) I offered to send a copy of my contract of employment which clearly states my income, this again they refused, I offered to make interim payments until the payment figure was fixed, again they declined my offer and told me to save (I am not good at saving as I have other bills to pay).

I then received a letter asking for the said 3 months of pay slips which I posted to them. I received another letter saying that they had not received them! and they asked for my new employers details to confirm my income, I asked if I could get copies of the payslips and send them and they again refused this, I told them that I was not too keen on my new employers being hassled all the time as they are a small family run business and I did not want my private details to become public knowledge.

they assured me it would be just one quick call to confirm what I had already told them this was not the case and they rang my new firm several times (I’m sure of the exact number) and I was given a verbal warning as the new company sub out the wage payments to a account who charge them for resending information etc, I have been receiving calls from the CSA during the day on my private mobile (I am not allowed to take private calls during the day~) I have asked the SA to call me at home after 7.15 pm on several occasions which they said they would, this has not happened!!! I have received a threatening letter with a demand for over £1200 without any explanation of how they have reached this figure or the dates involved, I have also been sent a new demand for the monthly payment, Again without explanation!!!!

all I want is to be called at home at the agreed time where I have all my details, dates, names of the people I have spoken with, what was said etc, it’s bad enough not seeing my boy but all this aggravation is driving me mad, Please help.

Kind regards