My father has never seen his granddaughter – CSA do not care

February 25, 2010

the csa have been taking money direct from my wages for a few years now and the arrears are paid off.

so that one less thing to worry about.. at the start of all this several years ago the csa got in touch and asked if i was my daughters father. i told them i hope so. they sent me forms to sign and i had to send loads of crap to them so they could work out what i owe and should pay…

now this is where i kick off.. i asked the csa about 2 weeks in to the agreement if they could help me or assist me in getting my name on the birth certicate and access to my daughter. they said we dont deal with that we just take money and pass it to the mother.. so i seeked a solicitor for advice and stuff.. she explained that she can sort this but will cost £150 for a letter to be sent out plus £100 ph for her time and if it needs to go to court it could come to approxx £1200 to start off proceeding and depending how many times we go to court it could rise…

now im still within my 6 year bankrupcy period and i asked about legal aid she looked at my wage slip and told me i’m not entitled to legal aid… i ern £1000 pcm,i pay out pcm the csa £198, rent £350, c-tax £65, electric £40, tv lic £12, bt + internet £20, bus traval to work £40, top up £40 food shopping £100, that alone comes to £865.. and iv not even got started on my deductions for the work gym and pension…

Anyway 8 years down the line i am still trying to get a pay rise so i can put money away for a solicitor and get regular access to my daughter.. i just wish the govement would offer help to fathers that do pay there way and access arangments sorting out… i have all ready miss 8 years of my daughers life and it pains me that my mum and brothers are the only ones in my family who have ever met ellie. my own father wont acknowledge my daughter has he has nerver met her..

the system sucks


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  1. chall on February 25th, 2010 8:10 am


    Child support and access are two different things.

    Have you considered litigant in person (LIP) ? – it could seriously reduce legal costs.

    – there’s some great members in the forum at that I’m sure would assist with form filling and be able to suggest Mckenzie friends.

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