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My ex is self employed and fiddling his CSA payments

When I left my ex 11 years ago, he paid me £40 cash each week, he told me to go to the CSA after he stopped paying and said could work the system – being self employed.

After many maintenance assessments forms sent to him, many dif. addresses, over many months, CSA said would make an interim assessment, then he finally sent the form back!

He told them he was paying me £40 but they said he only had to pay £28 (2 children).

He wouldnt pay on time or at all until they chased him. I wrote and saw my MP, Independent Case Examiner, anyone, saying the same thing, my ex. is lying about his earnings! The ICE have completed approx. 5 full reports and have agreed that the CSA has failed. My file has been lost, moved to dif. departments, offices, etc. Ive had numerous special payments due to their incompetence.

Bailiffs have been involved, 3 liability orders, even asking for prison sentence – as he would default on payments all the time and never make them up! The CSA never had the papers in order, didnt turn up for court once, etc.,

Ive had numerous tribunal appeals, my ex. sometimes didnt turn up or did but not with info they have asked him for and it has been ruled in my favour – as they had an accountant – but my ex has NEVER paid the assessment that was re-calculated at £114 pw on one of them and then £116 on another – finally in 2006 – on the basis that my ex had brought a house (£11 k deposit) and that I had a Solicitor to sue them and Watchdog were coming to film about my case. I immediately was telephoned and the CSA confirmed that it was due to the media – that I was offered an advance payment in the region of £15k plus interest. I had no choice but to accept as I needed to pay off the debts I had got over the years! (I have worked majority of the time p/t apart from when made redundant)

My ex even gave fake payslips and upon my investigating the company (that give payslips for money called Business Activities) confirmed my ex had never worked for them! The reason for this was because the CSA had contacted his sub contractor to get money. It was established that my ex was still self employed and always had been!

As you can see my ex has fiddled the tax man (by claiming a lot less money he has earnt with fake accounts that dont tally with his bank statements – which the tribunal picked up on in 2006 as well as another government agency the CSA! In one of the CSA’s proposals/policies it states that this is a criminal act to give false or misleading information – so why hasnt my ex been arrested for fraud / money laundering?

He has another child that the mother – who has never worked and made it clear doesnt want to and wanted another child (already has one by someone else) so not to work – well she was given money that should have gone to me re: special payment ! (dont know if they ever got that back from her) so I have to have my money halved now – but she calls herself a different name from her real name which makes me wonder if she is fraudulent claiming other benefits and not declaring csa money? She has been done for benefit fraud in the past. They were only together a short time.

My ex was giving me £55 pw in arrears now as my children are 19 and 22 but decided yet again, in Dec to only pay half of it. He is a law onto himself as he will pay what he wants and the CSA never chase him or do anything about it! In fact as long as he is paying me something they dont care – they have admitted this! In July 2008 it was established by the Criminal Compliance Unit that he earns approx. £38,500+pa and has 5 bank accounts with approx. £25 k in savings. But he claims to the taxman that he earns approx. £18k pa. He is self employed – Electrician working in London.

So my argument is I want what my children should have got for the past 6 years (as told can only go back that far) from 2008 back to 2002 at least – accountant at work calculated approx. £20k is owed as my ex only ever paid half the money that was calculated in 2006 – adding interest.

I went to the Appeal Tribunal to get this recalculated again – which the CSA says the maintenance assessment should be recalcualted – as they said they wanted prove he was a liar, well they have it now and have done nothing with it! The tribunal throw it out first saying out of time, which of course it would be, I asked for it to be reinstated under special/exceptional circumstances, it was but denied due to lack of evidence – ie. the CSA never gave me the full 6 years only 1 year and only brought some to the Tribunal but had other evidence which hadnt given to me and did not submit to the Judge/Chairman at the Tribunal – it was denied. Due to the Data Protection Act Im not allowed to have it, so how can I build a case when Im not allowed to see or have the info but the CSA do but dont submit it!?

So Im back to square one trying to get this re-assessed on the basis that my ex has lied.

I had a letter today from Chris Barras, Complaints Review Manager, again no further action is going to be taken by the CSA to recover the full amount I should have got.

The CSA have let my ex lie for 11 years and when they have the evidence about this, do nothing with it.

I have gone from full time time to part time now due to lack of work/hours cut at work – Im not entitled to benefits now but as on a low income going back to the Solicitor to sue them (as have to get legal aid).

I wont give up as I know Im right and they and my ex are in the wrong.

I just want to know why he has been allowed to get away with all this even when they know the truth, isnt that discrimination against me and my children – who I thought the CSA were set up to help the children not the self employed liars!

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  1. Who the hell do you think you are? People like you disgust me. You had a child with a man. You and the man split up. You feel you have the right to fleece him for his money for 18+ years. Wrong! You may have CSA law behind you in principle, but you are a morally corrupt person.

    Take some responsibility, as ultimately you made the decision to have the child. If he left you for whatever reason (rightly or wrongly), tough luck. YOU made the decision to be with that man and have a child with him. You should have made a better decision with the man you chose to have a child with.

    People like you really disturb me, and to think, we wonder why young girls are all up for getting pregnant as soon as possible when the current CSA message is :- “Hey, grab a man, get knocked up, fleece his cash for 18+ years. – You don’t even have to stay with him!”. Bah, all you money grabbing, morally corrupt and down right evil women will get what they deserve in the end. I hope the money you get from this man/the CSA causes you nothing but distress and misery.

  2. I can at least put name etc to my post, obviously you are a very disturbed person who needs help as I would believe violent tendancies towards woman could show here. Get help you need it before some poor woman has to suffer.

    You obvously dont know what you are talking about as your post is evil.

    Please get help so someone doesnt have to suffer abuse from you like i have just suffered bullying abuse by your email that obvously has been directed personally towards me.

    I have printed this off, as obviously your url should be able to be traced in case any evidence could be needed, which I hope to god some poor woman doesnt have to suffer.

    A Very Concerned Citizen

  3. Actually I left him because he was abusive if you read my post properly you would have seen that

  4. Hi karen,

    The agency have been slated on a number of occassions, as not being fit for purpose.

    Ignore the post by ■Anonymous on November 30th, 2009 2:43 pm, obviously this poster has a very limited way of looking at life and not one they are proud of, hence the lack of their name.

    Your welcome to join us in the forum at

  5. Thanks Chall, think I have already gone onto your forum.

    I realise that there is woman out there like that and I make no excuses for them but its certainly not me!

    My ex has committed crimes, fraud, assault, abuse, had never been a father to my children and I was young and stupid thinking one day he would change, but he didnt and when things got out of hand, how it was also affecting my children, I left, without any support from the people I thought would be there for us.

    But now Im free of him and he has proved wot sort of person he is not only by not supporting his children when he is financially very stable, but by having a child by a woman who already has a child, similar to that poster, doesnt want to work so has children by any means and just likes on benefits that I support with my taxes! Once she was ‘done’ for not declaring him liking there while still getting benefits, rent and council tax paid, he left. He doesnt see that child much neither. Also there is another child by him now, the woman eastern european I believe not much older than my daughter 22yrs (he is 47yrs) against he is not with her and sees a woman who seems like I was, vulnerable and easily lead, widower with 4 children, where he gets fed, his clothes washed and ironed – so you see what sort of ‘man’ I use this term loosely, he is.

    My children had done very well without him by studying and working, do not smoke, take drugs and my son doesnt drink at all, my daughter moderatly and sensibly. I am proud of them and know that without me, my family and my late boyfriend, this might not be the case.

    My concern is that the CSA and other authorities, tax, cis, etc. know that in the building trade, people lie and pay as little tax as possible as long as they keep under the ‘threshold’ they can submit false accounts and everyone is happy, where I have to pay the correct tax each month, whether I like it or not, to support his ex’s and other kids, whilst trying to support myself and my children.

    The CSA wanted evidence that my ex lied, well they got it through the credit ref. agency and wot did they do, nothing! I had a tribunal appeal, that I pushed through and due to the Judge being a man who obviously wasnt interested in me explaining that the reason why I dont hold ALL the evidence is due to the data protection act but the csa do, but did not disclose it, I was called a liar and it was thrown out so Ive complained and still trying to get this sorted out by way of another hearing (this was 31 March!) when I called them last week to check why still not heard it turned out that noone had put in the report!

    All I want is justice for me and my children and that my ex who is their father support them financially which he hasnt and made the whole system a laughing stock by showing how he can get away with it all! He didnt support them in any other way so I only want what we should have all got support!

  6. karen Bedord.

    your scum, i hope he gets away and u suffer. i dont no why this site helps pwc. it should be only nrp help and advice. something wrong her. deadbeatdads is the best website for csa issues for nrp

  7. Shame you cant put your name to your post but I wouldnt expect anything different.

    Obviously you have never read my posts properly othewise you would know I am against ‘people’ who do not financially support their children, whether it be mothers/fathers/PWC/NRP.

    I suggest anger management might help you.

  8. scum??? how on earth can a woman that wants her kids to have money that their rightfully entitled to be scum??? i think it’s more like the other way round, surely someone who doesn’t want to pay for there own child is the scum.
    thats like going to work and being called scum because you’ve put in a complaint about not being paid lol

    Im guessing Mr / Mrs / Miss Anonymous is a none paying parent themself.

    men that walk away from there children and don’t support them are not men at all and the same said for women, i could never walk away from my children and i would always support them because Ive taken on the responsibility of having them and yes we all know it takes 2 to tango so there for the absent parent should help to bring up there child as much as the present parent, if your adult enough to make a child then you should be adult enough to take on the responsibility to support that child.

    The CSA are a let down for so many people it is unbelievable, I’m still fighting with them after 13 years, Ive given up now as i dunno what else to do but there is one thing that keeps me going…………..the fact that my kids have me to thank for everything they have in there life as Ive brought them up on my own and Ive supported the 100% 🙂

    All the best with your case karen and dont ever let anyone say your in the wrong for what your doing x

  9. Thanks ‘unwillingfairy’ dont worry I dont, never have, never will, in fact you have to feel sorry for people like flint and anonymous, because obviously they do not know what they say!

    afaircsaforall, I have joined but obviously I have my own little ‘campaign’ going with Lisa trying to see what and if we can try to do and change things for all! I.e. policy – trying to get meeting with Helen Goodman MP and others aswell as awaiting the potential meeting with CSA ‘Executives’ to discuss our issues and other issues that could try and make it a fairer system.

  10. So it was ok for him to be a criminal when your with him, but now you’ve broken up its all c riminal this and immoral that?

    Smacks of double standards to be honest with you, you lived comfortably off his illegal proceeds when you were with him and now want to complain that the knife is cutting the other way?

    That makes you scum! agree with earlier poster

  11. I have a CSA Tribunal coming up in a months time with my ex husband who surprise surpise has his own building company for which he claims he is earning £118!! Have you got any advice?

  12. I have three children 6, 9 & 13 and he is currently paying me £13 per week for all three children and has left me to pay a huge mortgage which is in his name!

  13. Contact the mortgage company about this and take it to court. please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others, you will see support advice etc on there and its free!

  14. Have you got any evidence, get the Criminal Compliance unit involved (ask for it) they will research via credit ref agencies, do you have his bank account details, etc. registration of car, if you have the mortgage details, take that to show his earnings when you got the mortgage, anything and everything. Good Luck.

  15. Thank you for that Karen. I expect it is going to be a long time to sort it out. How do you contact the Criminal Compliance Unit? Thanks Suzanne

  16. Suzanne if you join the facebook groups child support agencies failings that Lisa and I set up – you will see info on the CCU.

  17. good luck on your fight we are having trouble with my wifes ex he has a building firm and two diy shops and they say he only gets £10 a week (joke ) we now going to appeal , he was paying us £120 a month for two children , we asked for a small increace , but he said no go to the csa waste of time

  18. Hi Gareth, thanks for your comment, sorry to hear you having probs too yes appeal dont give up it should come under Lifestyle Departure, £120 a month is good compared to I at one time got £28 per wk, that was few years ago now, obviously not much changed, you need to speak to Mr Taxman & Mr Vatman too. Good Luck, please join the facebook group Child Support Agencies Failings and see if the advise on there might help also. Good Luck.

  19. hi, my ex has always fiddled with csa….hes self employed but has his friend wrking his books saying he only earns a small amount each week which i no is aload of bull…all i get is 11pwk for my 13yr old. they say there is nothing that can be done because i cant prove anything, however nice cars,holidays and wedding this june shows that he is clearly financially alot more stable than he states….what can do other than going to solicitors and gettin them to look into it, if thats even possible!!

  20. Kelly please go the child support agencies failings fb group to get advice and support, it should give you an idea of things to try (id you havent already) I suggest everything gets on top of any probs they having with the CSA and/the non support paying parent before the CSA introduce the charges. Good Luck

  21. i dont normally have my say on forums, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the messages i have read on here from anonymous are bordering on psychotic. i dont think this person is normal !!!!! anyone who has children knows you’ll fight for £2;00 or £200;00 to give them a better life . well done karen xx

  22. How does wanting whats best for your child make you scum? How is it ok for a man to have a child, then leave that child and contribute nothing towards it, and then you say that the woman is at fault for picking the wrong man, and it is HER being irresponsible?! HOW in gods name, is it ever ok, for ANY parent, male/female resident/non resident to leave their child/ren and then expect to provide them with nothing? It amazes me the way these peoples minds work. How is any adult that idiotic? A stand needs to be taken against the CSA or a new agency needs to be put together that works better. If the CSA were working for a percent of maintenance they collect, they would work a lot harder to get the right amount. I would be happy to contribute a small percentage of my maintenance payments towards making sure myself and other pwc are getting what is rightfully theirs, and their childrens. Perhaps there is a call for a privatised organisation, one which you can opt into if the CSA fail you, who will do ALL the relevant checks, follow EVERYTHING up, and make it their mission to get whats fair at a small cost to the pwc. It doesnt have to be a profitable organisation, so just cost enough to keep it running. I bet you could find enough intelligent and business minded women that have been shafted by the CSA that would be up for the challenge!

  23. If there was a law in place that was enforced too that BOTH parents contribute to the child’s upbringing whether it be financial &/or otherwise – you might find more parents will support their child – this should be instilled into children at school – education to support this – not supporting people having kids here there and everywhere and the state brings up the tab!

  24. I cannot believe that anonymous post! Itmust of been written by cowardly man shunning his resposibilities! The children haven’t done aything wrong and deserve maintanence payments. Men that dont pay for there children are LOWLIFE!

  25. What if the woman who wants money off the dad won’t allow the dad to see his children????
    I am all for paying for my child but not when the money is being spent on her instead of him, she picks and chooses when I can see him and uses me as a baby sitter!!!

    If I go to court it will cost me thousands that could be spent on my son, why don’t women ever mention this. The fact is the child is used as a weapon by these type of women who are absolute scum, you always state you want best for our child but will stop the father seeing the child!

    You should consider yourself lucky that the man wants to be in the child’s life and stick by them instead of fleecing them for everything and then not allowing contact….it’s disgusting and the law for fathers rights it’s a absolute sham!

    Think about the other side of the argument before slating a father!

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