Money taken from ex’s employer but I haven’t received it

December 14, 2012

I contacted the csa in the belief that i would be able to get regular steady maintenance payments as my ex partner had a habbit of with holding payments.

It took a while to get sorted but i received my first payment,seemingly ok,without much problem.

Since then it has all gone downhill.

It is now the 8th of december and i am still waiting for my maintenance for the month of november.

I was expecting my payment around the 20th of that month as that is when my previous payment was made.I didn’t receive anything so phoned on the 23rd to enquire.

I was told that the money had been taken from my ex partners employer on the 20th and that i should receive it the following week. Nothing happened. I called again on the 30th to ask where my money was and was told the money was on the system and that they had ‘tracked’it.I was told i could expect it on the 6th of december. That date came and went and still nothing happened.So i had to phone again on the 7th.This time i was told that i should get my money by monday the 10th.It was on one system but hadn’t been put on another system or some such rubbish. I asked to speak to a manager and was put through to the most inept, uncaring, plodding, unhelpful man i have ever had the misfortune to talk to.

He was just not interested in helping me.Even when i pointed out the simple fact that the money had been taken from my ex partner and was sitting somewhere,doing goodness knows what,when it should be given to me!Still no response from the ‘manager’.

He even had the audacity to say to me that i shouldn’t rely on getting the monry by monday and that it could take longer.
I am completely at the end of my tether with all of this.I am entitled to my money and they are holding onto it for some unknown reason.


  • Alice says:

    Money is not ‘taken’ from an employer, the employer has to be relied upon to send the money – if they fail to do so the agency can take action to ensure that the employer sends it.
    Money from a DEO (taken from nrp’s wages by the employer and sent to the agency) should be with the agency by 19th of each month. If the employer pays by cheque the cheque must clear first before it is paid out to the PWC.
    If the money is not with the agency by the 19th the agency can contact the employer and ask if payment has been made – if they inform the agency that it was sent the agency must allow time for cheques to arrive and be banked etc – if payment is not received the employer will be contacted again for details of the payment so that missing payments can be traced within the agency – if an employer sends a cheque they need to put the NRP’s NI no on the cheque so that it an be allocated to the correct account, if they do not do this the money will be placed in a hold account (non-interest paying) and the banking team record the cheque details (date, amount, cheque no etc) for tracing purposes.
    If the NRP employer pays a lump sum for multiple DEOs they must submit a breakdown of the individual amounts for each NRP – if the payment amount and the breakdown do not match to the 1p the employer must submit a corrected payment or breakdown. Until this is done no payments can be allocated to individual cases.

    As you mentioned ‘tracking’ in your post it would indicate that the payment has been received but not referenced correctly by the NRP employer.

    If you have been told that the money is ‘on the system’ is indicates that the payment has been traced an allocated to the case, as such it should have been released to you overnight and in your account pending normal bank clearance times. Money allocated to a case should only not be paid out if there is a manual hold on the payments – this should only be in a situation where there is an ongoing dispute which could result in an overpayment to the PWC if money paid in by nrp or nrp’s employer.

  • chall says:

    When CSA collect payments by DEO, the employer actually has until 19th of the FOLLOWING month to send such to the CSA.


  • Alice says:

    valid point chall – I assumed that as the 1st payment had been rec’d the ‘missing November payment’ being referred to was in respect of money deducted from the NRP’s wages paid in October – if this is not the case and it is deductions from November wages then the money is not due to be with the agency until tomorrow. The original post indicates that the money has been received by the agency but there has been some problems allocating it to the case and getting it paid out

  • Anna says:

    I am still waiting for my november payment! I have given up calling the csa.The last time i called,about a week ago,i was told that i SHOULD get my money soon…………
    I’m trying to be philosophical about it all and if anything i should be receiving november’s payment around the same time as decembers……unless the same thing happens again……in which case i will be up in arms!! As the comments suggest,there was no reference number against the sum of money taken by deo.
    I did ask the last person i spoke to if this is something that can be rectified with future payments,so hears hoping that my request has been heeded.
    I have just found the whole experience so frustrating.I guess i just put a lot of trust into believing the csa could take charge of my maintenance payments,away from the untrustworthy hands of my ex partner,and help to make life that bit easier and help me to get regular maintenance payments without having to constantly chase things up with them.
    I can only imagine how many other people have had to put up with waiting for long periods of time for money that is rightfully theirs and their childs/childrens.
    Life is stressful enough….

  • chall says:

    With all due respect, you have stated the same before…
    Alice on December 16th, 2012 7:52 pm –

    (Alice on December 16th, 2012 8:41 pm) Often ppl come on here and post wrong information and someone will read it and think that it’s the way things will go –

    – I completely agree with the latter.


  • Anna says:

    well,just to vent some more anger over the csa,i have still not received my maintenance money and i am fast losing patience.I called them again today and they are actually telling me that i have to wait untill the payment is authorised and then it will still take a further 10 days for money to be in my account.
    I am really at my wits end about this.
    I have complained twice now through the csa complaints department and have been told that they are looking into it but surely the csa should be able to just release the money???What kind of farscical system are they operating under?
    I actually cannot believe that i have had to wait for so long for money that is owed to me and that i have had to make so many phone calls to chase things up.

  • christine jacobs says:

    I got told by csa moneyy should be in to them 19 they didnt get it till 24 it then sist clearing till 4th follwing month i cant get my money till 14th aug i get told different times wen it should cleat .he mite as well tell them how to run csa cos i never get it on same day every mth its either 1 -2-3 week i get it

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