Man phones CSA to tell them he left his job, CSA refuse to believe him

January 6, 2010

This recent video added to YouTube shows how you should deal with the CSA and how they can be impossible. This guy tried to phone them twice to tell them he was leaving his job. He also sent them a letter telling the same thing, which you can read here, his employer sent them two letters and even sent the CSA a form they requested – but STILL the CSA insisted he hadn’t left his place of work and they wanted to take money from pay he wasn’t getting!

So… he phoned them up one last time and recorded the call, using a webcam. The woman from the CSA explains that even though they have now been told that he has left his job, and accept that, he has to prove when he left or they’ll ‘decide’ to extract money from him for the time they believe he was working.

How much power do the CSA really have? They can stick their heads in the sand and claim black is white and no one can argue with them. It’s like speaking to a toddler.

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  • chall says:

    Good grief …

    Have you applied for your Data Protection File? – you may be surprised by what turns up in it, including correspondence that the agency claim not to have received.
    There is a request template letter in the download section at, please be aware that the agency now charge a £10 fee for this.

    Also, it may be worth speaking to HR at your previous employer and trying to obtain a statement from them – did they send letters or/and emails to the agency to notify them?

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