Looking for advice on the CSA

May 30, 2008

Basic outline my husband has a thirteen year old daughter. Currently she lives with her mother but for majority of her life my husband has been PWC. When he was PWC CSA would not allow us to open case as his ex continually opened cases against us claiming we never saw his daughter although she was living with us. This went on for three years before we were able to claim.

Despite continually chasing CSA never dealt with our claim and finally told me to stop wasting my time as ex is on benefits and we would get £0. His ex currently has daughter ( after she failed to blackmail us “if you don’t give me money you wont see her”) She is denying access and CSA have said we owe £71 per week. Why do we have to pay when she never paid a penny for years???? CSA not interested even though we have numerous letters from them saying my husband is PWC.

Assessment is also wrong as should be £56 a week based on their calclator but very reluctant to adjust figure. Why were CSA not interested when we were PWC but different story now????

Also his ex has said as soon as she gets money we can see his daughter again. All the time we were PWC she was still claiming all benefits as though she was a single mother !Also had her on phone screaming abuse!!! Stressed by it all and we have got our own baby to worry about. I have done more than his ex to bring up her daughter and this is the thanks we get!!

Throughout the CSA have told lies, claimed information posted did not arrive and been downright rude and unprofessional

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


  • I would visit http://www.nacsa.co.uk it well worth the trip and the members forums have some great advice.

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