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Lance Corporal Young commits suicide after CSA persecuted him

Lance Corporal Young was found dead, hanged, in his room after he’d been persecuted by the Child Support Agency. He’d made a phone call to his mother just before he died; telling her how much he loved her. His mother, Rosita Atherly, told the inquest how her son was in tears.

His mother called the MOD in an effort to get help for her son, but thirty minutes later Lance Corporal Young was found hanged in his room. A letter from the CSA was lying next to his body, with details about how he was having £300 per month deducted from his wages. This was done at the instruction of the CSA.

He was paying for a child who he claimed was not his, and after requesting a DNA test the mother of child failed to show. The persecution at the hands of the CSA drove him to drink, and then finally to suicide.

Lance Corporal Young is another example of a man being hounded by the CSA for money he believed he did not owe, for a child that wasn’t even his. Now sadly he is dead, and they cannot take money from him anymore.

12 thoughts on “Lance Corporal Young commits suicide after CSA persecuted him

  1. The main thing to remember is that we mean nothing to the filth that run the csa. From the fat ar*e at the the top lining his pockets to the absolute gutter rats that shuffle the paperwork we’re just here to torture and pay their blood salaries.

    It’s a damn shame that more of these scum don’t just kill themselves. it puts a smile on my face when one of them finally realises that their life is worthless and disgusting and they top themselves.

    if you’re reading this and work for the CSA please oh please swallow those pills.

  2. In my mind the CSA are killers, murderers of innocent people and they literally get away with murder. Its been reported time after time of fathers contacting them pleading for help because they can’t afford to live. What do the CSA do? Absolutely nothing and the yet another father ending up dead because they can’t take any more and a child loses a parent! Any other organisation doing this would be made to answer if they had caused so many suicides.

    I was literally suicidal at one point before I finished work and I told them over and over what they were doing to me. Did they listen or try to help? Did they hell, they didn’t give a damn. From papers I have received under the ‘Data Protection Act’ they stated on a form at the time ‘CLAIMS TO BE ILL’. If I hadn’t finished work and relieved some of the pressure and stress they were putting on me I could have been another statistic.

    There is only one thing I would ever do for the CSA and thats SPIT ON THERE GRAVES!!!!!!!!!!

    They make me physically sick and I hope what goes around comes around of which I am a firm believer.

  3. I have just been slammed for £500 per month, they were mistakenly sending my mail to a PO BOX address that they plucked from thin air, so a backlog accumulated. Now looking at expenditure I am better off on the dole, no housing cost, no fuel to go to work and my youngest to my new Mrs will no longer need childcare.Ok no one likes paying money particularly to an ex who had an affair and is on more than me, but if I can reluctantly see that I should be paying something but this amount is just sill and is forcing my young child & new family into poverty and to top it all they now want pension details, to what end I don’t know unless they think they can take that too. The first I knew of the whole thing was when the money was deducted from my wages.

    A whole array of costs should be taken into account from both parents when working out csa. As for this new organisation it looks like nothing has changed exept enforcement. What do they hope to accomplish by tags & carefues? Just popping out to the Hospital, a relatives or the late night supermarket or a work related thing great! And should those electronic tags get damaged on the rocks at the beach whilst playing with YOUR children what then? OOPS its so easy to loose or misplace a passport these days, but what gets me the most is this one. “Taking away driving licence” well brilliant the only way many people can get to work is by car. Classic.

    For people like me there are a few options unless a life of crime takes your fancy, these include going on the dole, emigrating or suicide. Wonderful new country, Wonderful New Labour!

  4. Hi everyone,

    Id just like to say that the cost of bringing up kids these days is a small fortune,
    never mind the emotional stuff you have to deal with . I am a single parent whom has had to give up a career to give my son and daughter the attention , love and support they need .
    My son has autism and a daughter of 13 Iwould never be so selfish as to kill myself and leave them with no one . If I was a dad Id happily pay up because no money would pay you to put up with the trials and tribulations children put you through sometimes.
    My ex patner whom is a soldier has done everything in his power to avoid paying child maintanence .When the CSA has caught up with him he has dodged jobs, moved house and joined up for Afghanistan – As I said hed do anything to get away from paying for his own children. He is a disgrace and the MOD protect him telling the CSA hes in a war zone.
    What about the children of these soldiers,suffering and having to do without. He even came home on leave and bought himself a camper van , hes a joke, but I can tell you his day is coming as I will do everything in my power to get justice – JUSTICE FOR THE CHILDREN .
    You wouldnt believe the conditions my children and I are living in, but Im a fighter and I say dads pay up a fair amount that is true to your earnings and think yourselves lucky yourfree to live your lives . If there was nt absent fathers in the first place we wouldnt have needed the CSA.

    Linda for Northern Ireland

  5. REF – Linda Nortern Ireland

    What you have done is basically fell into the CSA trap which is taring all NRP’s with the same brush. I am paying CSA at the moment and and have recently been asked for a re-assesment, I am now married and have a little boy with my wife. Upon calling the CSA about the letter i recieved, it seems that they are in some sort of dreamland believing that i can afford to pay over £60 per week. I have paid for my daughter for the last 8 years through the CSA and have never tried to get out of paying for her.
    Yes there are some NRP ‘s that will do whatever they can to not pay, but that doesn’t mean that we are all the same, which seems to be what you are implying.
    My point is that while I understand the cost of a child ( my son, living with me ) and the hard work that they can be, why should my wife and my son struggle just so that the government can rake some of the income support back that my lazy ex has been on for over 10 years. I keep on hearing about how the goverment wants to stop child poverty by means of the CSA but they are not concerned that my family will be just that if I pay the amount that they are after.

    You say that you wouldn’t be so selfish as to commit suicide, but let me tell you, if you have the CSA demanding money that you haven’t got, then its not too far from your thoughts, believe me. They are doing it because they cannot see a way forward and not for any other reason.
    To make matters worse, I am on the old scheme and cannot get onto the new one, who can do that…………of course, my EX. My point is, that on the new scheme theglorious CSA say that I should pay £20 per week less, how annoying.

    The CSA to me is like giving my ex a gun and every now and then she points it at me and tells me what to do and when to do it, oh and by the way, I have asked my ex if we can sort out the maintenance between ourselves, but she would rather see me and my family struggle than to be ammicable.

    Decent bloke being shafted by theCSA

  6. Why don’t you stop fighting and get a job Linda. better still get 2 jobs. then you won’t have time to annoy people with your garbage whinging. I know some women in africa who can’t even afford internet access.

  7. Firstly let me say this, in all aspects of life there are issues but the CSA have a way of making everybodys life miserable. No one should be told what to do by these civil servant nobodys but becasue a majority of people want to sort out problems and not live their lives hiding away, they have the leverage and pray on peoples good intentions. My story is far to complexe to write everything here but suffice to say, I am a “NRP” that was not 100% sure the child was mine for 14 years with only 1 contact from the “CSA” almost 15 years ago. Now I fought my case by every means possible and finally got a decision. I agreed that decision and paid the CSA what they were asking now the PWC whom I had a casual fling with as a teenager, has appealed the decsison and a tribunal want records of incomings and outgoing from 15 years ago !!! This is now a brickwall kind of problem. I donot have those records and after moving address more than 4 times i have no proof of expenditure.I know what my yearly wage was back then but cannot prove it and they have taken the word of person that has been less than co-operatrive (CSA words not mine) and judge my earnings at £500 a month more than i earned!! If there is anyone out there that has had a similar problem that its the Tribunals causing the trouble as well as the CSA please let me know.

  8. I wish one of the relatives would take the case to court if the cause of the death is related to CSA

  9. REF Warren Galenzoski

    As far as I could figure out we’re talking about the CSA here and not the current situation in Africa. I personally am not in the least bit interested in the fact that some people don’t have internet there.
    You are advising Linda to get a job….try getting a job as a single parent with no back up if anything is wrong with your kids, especially if they have a condition like Autism. So shut up if you do not have anything interesting to say mate.
    My daughter’s father is also a serving soldier and has tried everything in the book to get away without paying. I offered to settle without the CSA for a lot less than he has to pay now but he still didn’t want to know so my last choice was to contact the CSA.
    I agree with “anon” that not all cases are the same and they should all be looked at individually. Income base is a good start but it shouldn’t end there.
    How can they not take the NRP’s personal circumstances into consideration???If you have a new partner and have children with her/him it will make it a lot harder for you to pay the amount requested when you were single.

  10. You need to read posts a little more closely csa reciever. Linda is calling the ex a disgrace for not paying for his children. She also says she’s a single mother who’s given up her career. So she’s either independently wealthy which i doubt because she also says the conditions aren’t so great, or she’s on benefits which means she doesn’t even pay for her children. Maybe you should shut up and read the small print kk.

  11. If there was nt absent fathers in the first place we wouldnt have needed the CSA.

    Wrong, the CSA was born because the Conservatives wanted to ease the burden of the Welfare State cost because they reckioned lone parents were costing the country too much money! How stupid andnon visionary were they because it had nothing to do with lone parents and fathers walking out in the first place! Try telling the teenage mothers etc to use contraception , effectively and you would soon see the figures fall. The CSA wasn’t set up to provide money for the children of this country, it was set up as a money pot for the government!!
    Go figure why there are still absent fathers yet all the CSA/CMEC do is chase the PAYING ones and drive those into poverty. The whole system is not fair and does not work,on either side but more so on the side of the Non resident parent. As soon as the CSA know you are PAYE you’re stuffed because they will fleece you until you are working for a crumb of bread.
    “dads pay up a fair amount that is true to your earnings and think yourselves lucky yourfree to live your lives ”
    thats the problem that most Parent with Care do not realise or see, the majority cannot live their lives and pay up, once the CSA/CMEC get a hold thier lives become not worth living!!!!!
    Once the NRP’s are dead what will the PWC and the children do then? theres no money coming in,the poor government aren’t getting their pouind of flesh and the woman has to live on benefit.The government has the blood of all on their hands but they turn a blind eye and don’t care.

  12. Linda, everyone else is right quiet your whinning..I’m a woman and right now your showing everyone exactly what a sit on your asshole collect a check then use your kids to get more money woman looks like its disgracefull!!! Honestly I was a single mother for 6 years with my daughter who has RA since she was born, also she has celiac disease. And a cataract in one eye that she is going blind in. I go to children’s hospital twice a week for steriod pulse injections, and for them to change her GI tube in her stomache that feeds her daily!! The government SSI was enough to help take care of my daughter along with my 8 dollar an hour job and no help from welfare. And I had no problem taking care of my sick child, so excuse my language but your excuse is bulls&*t!! Another hateful mother milking the system to get back at a father. I never got any help with my daughter for 4 years of her lifa and I was fine. I bet your ex didn’t have a decision whether or not u were having the baby to begin with did he? And for the past two years we have had a perfect arrangement he buys her clothes when she needs them. ( usually every 4 months or so.) And 50 here or there when I need some money on a bill. He goes to the company and pays the bill!! He knows where the money goes and so do I. And it doesn’t cost 500 a month to care for a child. I don’t wanna hear the crap about oh rent and bills. You would still have to pay those if u didn’t have kids anyway. Your not going to live with your parents when your 30 if your responsible. And I don’t wanna hear oh I was a young mother excuse either cuz I was 17 when I had my sick child and I did it just fine alone. Excuses excuses is what I hear out of women these days who just want things handed to them. Get up get a job stop complaining. And trying to be hateful to your ex’s and using your kids as pawns!!! Honestly I’m also the woman of a second family now with two kids. I have never been for the courts in family buisness and I’m not for it now. Men are getting screwed. And poor men are being given unpayable debts… arrerages and penalties on money that is for the child. None of which gets paid to the child but to the government…….I’m with you fathers or any non custodial parents tell me where the million person march is and I will be there……
    Love. A custodial mother with 2 children …….

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