Judi Cass emails MrDaz

June 30, 2008

Judi Cass, the CSA’s Senior Complaints Resolution Manager, has emailed perennial CSA complainant MrDaz about his case. She’s attempted to answer his complaint about why it took his caseworker, Steve Gibson, almost three months to return a call and why they’re deducting arrears from him when he was paying his ex-wife’s share of the mortgage on a jointly owned house.

Judi Cass considers the matter closed, but MrDaz certainly doesn’t judging from his blog. We can expect a full salvo from him very soon in the direction of Judi Cass, and knowing him it’ll all be blogged about on his site.

My favourite bit from Judi Cass’ letter is:

I am unable to comment on what you say you were advised regarding the variations application as I am unable to retrieve the actual call from our records.

I’m betting MrDaz is able to retrieve the call, he records all of his phone calls and often puts them on YouTube and his website. I’m sure if Judi Cass wants a copy of the call, just to hear what Steve Gibson actually said, she only needs to ask.

You can read the full letter here.


  • deadbeatdad says:

    Ah the wonderful Judy Cass from the Birkenhead office, hmm I have a recording of her which I will publish to our web site along with the other recordings already on there, and you can hear how she avoids answering my questions, how she is adament that procedures had been followed despite the fact they had been proven they had not been followed in a court of law. This is the type of thing that we are up against and this needs to stop now these people need bringing to book , proper justice needs to be done and these people need punishing.

  • deadbeatdad says:

    Judy Cass recording is now available at the http://www.deadbeatdadsassociation.co.uk under the recordings of the CSA, this is what this woman is like on the phone. I really recommend that anybody dealing with these people record every conversation, then send a copy over to us so we can put it on the web site, ( your details will be edited out for security purposes

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