I will have paid off the arrears within 400 odd years

March 1, 2014

I have been waiting years for the CSA to sort out my case. In 2010 I had a DEO for £150.48 per month. This amount is deducted from my NHS Injury Benefit which I have received since 1994 when I was pensioned out of the ambulance service.

I claim no benefits and survive on my pension and what’s left of my Injury benefit. The Nice lady at the CSA informed me today that they have treated me as self employed! My arrears according to the CSA are £30,000 so my £150.48 is £87.91 for child and £62.55 off arrears. So good news is I will have paid off the arrears within 400 odd years! Bonus!

The nice lady promised that she will ring me tomorrow. As I pointed out that CSA’s own website says that they don’t class injury benefit as income. They won’t ring back as they haven’t done for the last four years. But I will continue to ring them weekly to check progress on my case!


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. and complain. Ask your M.P. to sort the mess out for you. Politicians put this pathetic system on the statute book, make your M.P. deals with it for you.

  • Richard Spencer says:

    Stop ringing, put it in writing. You will not get anywhere until you go through their complaints procedures and end up with the ICE looking into your case. This will be a lengthy process but with the money involved it will be well worth it.

    I’m a little concerned about some of the advice people give on this site. Most of it is not helpful. It’s time people stopped moaning about how they have been treated and tell people what the really need to do.

    Go through the csa complaints system, get to the ICE. Keep every bit of documentation you can, this will serve you well when you get to the ICE.

    If you need anymore advice, post back.

  • eve32 says:

    That’s a lot of arrears. Have you ever paid any child support to your child? if not I have no sympathy for you.

  • MrWhitey says:

    ‘That’s a lot of arrears. Have you ever paid any child support to your child? if not I have no sympathy for you.’

    eve32 trolling again, and your not bad at it too, subtle…I wouldn’t be surprised if you worked for them.

  • eve32 says:

    MrWhitey. Not trolling, that’s more your style I have noticed. If you look at my previous posts I call it as I see it and offer support to NRP’s too as fully appreciate and feel for the genuine decent fathers who support their children but still get shafted by a not fit for purpose organisation who are incompetent. I can not abide the moaning fathers who evade financially supporting their children and when it catches up on them and they have arrears they claim outrage. It’s my opinion that Children feed financial support from both parents if you don’t agree with that that’s your opinion.

    An example of my previous post that shows I can see things from both sides and am supportive when it’s due.


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