No explanation for these adjustments

May 12, 2015

Hi I have been paying CSA payments since 2005 payed weekly from my wage as a postman.I have 2 sons who live with my 2009 .I was told I had arrears of £4000 which I agreed to pay at £40 per week taking my payments to £101 per these were taken from my wage and I was payed work or play I never missed and still haven’t missed a single Nov 2007 I rang the CSA to find out when my arrears would be payed up,and I was told Dec you can work out i payed £40 per week off my arrears for 100 weeks.I received a new payment schedule showing my payments as £65 per week plus arrears of nil.this was now my new payment from my January 2012 my eldest son came to live with me after problems at his home and my payments were reduced accordingly.all OK and fine … Now for the bombshell.

In march 2012 my son went back to his mothers and so I rang the CSA to confirm this and to recalculate my payments,two weeks later I got my new schedule,payments back to £45 per week plus….I was told I have arrears of £3800. As you can imagine I was shocked by this as I have paperwork from them saying my payments are up to date and my arrears are how can this happen?.there only explanation was that the person who told me my arrears were clear was wrong.I have since payed these arrears since I had no choice but still I can’t get reason where they came from.payment breakdown shows amount to be paid. £4035. amount paid £4035 adjustments £3800 wat the hell are adjustments no explanation and drove me mad for years.what can I do.


  • jo says:

    I think you need to demand a breakdown of your account to find out what has been going on with your case. You can request your file in accordance with the freedom of information act. Don’t ever ring them, always leave a paper trail and if you have no joy then speak to your mp, who will act on your behalf.

    Did you claim CS/child benefit for the time your son lived with you?

  • eve32 says:

    Where do you think the arrears have come from. Have you paid the correct amount since the opening of the case?

    Ask for a subject access request in writing and by phone, there may be an admin charge. Use this as a template making sure to include your details and and css reference. I think the address is correct.

    (Enter date)
    Data Protection Officer
    Room BP6002
    Department of Work & Pensions
    Benton Park View
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE98 1YX
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish, under section 7(1) of the 1998 Data Protection Act, to make a Subject Access Request;
    ie I wish to see a copy of all the information that your organisation holds about me.
    This should include explanation as to how any automated decisions about me have been made.

    You should promptly pass this request to your organisation’s Data Controller, you have 40 days to respond.

    I enclose a cheque for £10 to pay for this.

    Yours faithfully,

    It should contain a log of all communication including every letter they have sent you and every phone received.

    Once you have this go over it in detail and do your own summarised log of your case.

    Make an appointment with your MP and bring everything with you.

    I hope you get this sorted.

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