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I will go to jail if I don’t pay CSA arrears

i have been corresponding to the CSA for over a year, i am self employed and sent them my accounts aug 08 after they had set a figure of earnings for myself at £373.00 per week, they awarded me £48.00 per wk on this figure.

When they got my accounts they changed the weekly figure to £10.00 per week but kept 4 mths at the £373.00 figure earning me arrears of £1106.00.

i have corresponded to everything and not one reply in return in over a year to my worries ovrer this figure, i had court appearances cancelled and finally today i attended 3 magistrates in Bradford, who could do nothing to help me and knew what i had told them was correct, but stated their hands are tied and they have to issue liability orders as the CSA demand require and nothing they can do.

Devasted to be left with a £1106 arrears order which i have 2 years to pay in full or got o jail for 42 days. Work is imppossible to get at the moment and i am struggling to manage.

They dont care, the enforcement woman was un-sympathetic new nothing or did not wnat to she just had to get the order through. I told her i had contacted the assessment people in Belfast as she told me (no reply) nothing unusual the CSA have never replied in over ayear to me over this matter.

She told me ring them in 2 weeks if nothing. She told me in the year i should have used the word Appeal not assessment. The story goe on and on, errors which my sister contacted them and she was told typing error he has paid, no letter which errors changed or an appology.

I am thoroughly drained after so long and severly depressed at this liability order which i dont owe.friends and family are hossified that the courts have no power over this organisation so they can go in with incorrect ammounts and get liability orders for large sums of money and questions are allowed to be asked where they got them.

My sister has written to her Mp and will not rest on this she is disgusted as is everyone else today. Frightening to know the legal judges and courts have no power to question the inaccuraccies that are blatantly put in front of them and nothing they can do. Every dad today were paying dads as were the ones i spoke with in Leeds court in July 09.

I am at my wits end and will be seeking medical assistance as i am mentally drained of trying to get through to an organisation after over a year and they can get an order for money not oweing and the law allows it. I am using my sisters e-mail address as i dont have one and she has okd this.

Thank you

Derek Wigglesworth

9 thoughts on “I will go to jail if I don’t pay CSA arrears

  1. Hi Derek,

    For commitial to be appropiate, the court has to be satisfied that there has been wilful refusal or culpable neglect on the non residents parents behalf.
    Even then, usually instaed of immediate commitial, the court usually fixes a term for inprisonment and pospones it on conditions, usually regular payments.

    You will need to establish what has been happening with your case. Have you applied for your Data Protection file and complete account breakdown from the agency ? there is a template letter in the download section at – your also more than welcome to join us in the forum.

    Stay strong.

  2. Hi Derek we have had first hand experience representing fathers in court as we appear to be the only Association that helps fathers in courts as solictors will not get involved, there is a reason why but we won’t go into that atthe moment.
    The cannot send you to prison if you have not got legal representation, end of, if they try and enforce a duty solicitor upon you then you refuse, you do not give your consent.
    You have to realise the CSA are not an authority, they are a run for profit company that has several unsatisfied CCJs registered against it, therefore they have no authority over you, The courts are also a company again with just over £5000 worth of CCJs registered against it so even they have no jurisdiction over you, just do not enter into their game or act as they like to call it.
    One case we did earlier this year we dismissed a magistrate for trying to exceed their jurisdiction, they try to threaten us with contempt of court, so we called the police and had two of the magistrates arrested for impersonating an official, another one in Scotland we did we neutralised the sheriff, it is so easy to bring these muppets down and now we are bringing the CSA down very slowly with two very important lawful documents.

  3. I am a woman and I pay child support for my two kids. I have not been able to send in the full amount but I have been making regular payments. My question is will I go to jail if I have not been able to pay the full obligation? My job has cut hours but they will pick up for the holidays. Please someone help me with this because I have court on tuesday morning and I really need to know what to expect. Also they added my boyfriends income the last time we went to court but he is not my kids father nor is he my husband. He just wanted to sit in on court. So the judge added our incomes together and he denied me a court appointed attorney. I cannot afford an attorney for this court date. What is going to happen and what should I do?

  4. Very interested to read dead beat dads comments, he really sounds like he knows his stuff! just been served with a form 72, based on a “debt” of 17k and ongoing monthly fig of £240 pcm. What does this enforcement mean? I have 30 days to have it put aside, but no point in hoping that will ever happen, despite the knowledge that my ex along with her best friend who worked at the same company as me fraudulently produced a letterhead from the co, which the 2 of them typed up stating I was earning 60k per year, whn I was earning 22k – this created the debt as the csa took it on face value. I have fought and fought and spent 000’s in lawyers but gor no where. what happens next? I am happy to go to jail if the debt would then be wiped out for evermore. if this isnt an option, can I pay it back as I can afford it as i cant afford expensive lawyers and am just so tired of fighting it im ready to just give up and pay a debt i dont owe. i just want to get on with my life. can I sue her? again that costs and she knows that. Can they empty what savings I do have? do I need to divorce my wife to protect her car that she has paid for with her money etc? I have a joint acc with her – should I change that or should we divorce? so many questions..I have been paying every month and recently bought a car for my daughter when she was 21 – if I had known this I wouldnt have bought it and paid this debt and given her a necklace. I cant take it off her to give the cash to her mother it wouldnt be fair.

  5. That seems a bit sour to come out with amanda, I personally have used the tactic that deadbeatdad has stated and should you chat to any solicitor they will tell you what he says is correct.

    However i would like to see your evidence to show what he has advised Derek was actually incorrect.


  6. I have continued to pay child support because my ex lied and said my son was at college. I have asked the CSA several times how I would know when my payments would end and was repeatedly told that they would end when Child Benefit was no longer payable. Then I found out my son was working full time paid employment and that the Child Benefit ended last September! The CSA have confirmed I have overpaid by almost £2000 but have written to say that they have made a ‘discretionary decision’ not to repay me and claim that ‘as they were not informed of the change in circumstances until June, they are not culpable for the accumulation of the overpayment! So basically I have paid because they told me to, I had no access to information regarding my sons circumstances, and my ex knew full well that she was not entitled to the money. But still the CSA help her to steal from me!

  7. What a fked system CSA is..a dictatorship worse than hitler.
    CSA is indirectly causing people to commit suicide in the 1000s
    CSA has created millions of unhappy people across the globe.
    We need a national day of mourning to remember this lost generation..
    Who can stand up to these dictators and their band of thugs.
    We need a leader who can stand strong and millions will follow… time is right for a national hero to bring down the system

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