I have received a surprise bill from the CSA

November 18, 2009

hi. I have just recieved a demand for £7000 in child maintenance.This is a first, as me and my ex partner have had an ammicable arrangement for the past 17 years.

my twins were born in 1991,my ex and i split in 1992.our split was ammicable so when the csa contacted her in 1992 we decided to have an arrangement where i would give her cash amounts each month for the boys which has stayed to this day.they were told of this and were happy not to pursue any case.my ex was claiming income support at the time which she notified them of.

i have contacted the csa last week 2nd nov 09,explained my case.They asked if i had reciepts or bank statements reguarding payments to her but i havent.They told me that they would investigate my case and get back to me asap. i have recieved no correspondence from them explaining why i owe and what period i owe.No phone call. this was two weeks ago.

i have ,however found out from my employer on fri 13th nov that they have served an enforcement of deductions of earnings from my wages commencing 01 dec 2009. my ex partner,after showing her the bill i recieved, kindly wrote to the csa confirming that we had an arrangement in place and that i had paid her in cash,monthly,for the boys upkeep for the last 18 years.

i am still waiting to here back from them.

can they just serve a demand from your wages without no explination??.

all i recieved was a bill with all the usual threats to ruin your life,followed by enforcement on earnings.I am discusted at their actions as i have paid my way to my kids and have always been in their lives despite me and my ex being seperated for 17 years.i feel victimised for doing the right thing.


  • chall says:

    You need to request your Data Protection file asap.

    There’s a template letter in the download section at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk – once in receipt, you will be able to establish what has been happening with your case.

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