How do we avoid the Child Support Agency (CSA)?

February 21, 2010

My partner does not live with me. He lives on his boat and therefore has not postal address. Over the winter months he was unemployed and I agreeed the DWP could send his mail care of my address. However on opening one of his envelopes he found the CSA had used the address and neither department has addressed it as care of. Can they legitimate pass on an address in this way? Neither he or I had given the CSA permission to use my address or neither had we given DWP permission to pass it on.

Secondly, despite having insufficient income, his ex wife who has remarried and building an extension to what was their marital home is claiming poverty and he has had a default order slapped on him. How can this be. They wrote to him saying as he hadn’t provided informattion requested the default had been gained and put in place. He had never been written to. They had written to someone who had employed him, but not him.

Where do I stand in being able to stop them using my address? Do I have a right to complain? And where does he stand with them. They have evidence that has not had the income they appear to have assessed him on. Its all fabrication.. What can he do?


  • Karen Bedford says:

    I suggest you give them his addrress, he should comply with their requests, i.e. show/prove his correct earnings and that should sort out the problem.

  • sharon says:

    All requests had been adhered to. This is the bizarre thing. He NEVER had been asked for proof of earnings. And he had never informed them to send post to an alternatvie address.

    However the matter has now been resolved. My objection is that these govenment departments have been given the correct information at all times and as someone who has absolutely nothing to do with this matter am receiving someone elses post when it has not been advised to be sent here.

    As a single parent myself any man who can legitimately afford to pay maintenance, should. Having been on the receiving end of a bad payer I would not advocate or be involved with anyone who shirked their responsibilites. However I would never have made my ex partners life hell because of the conflict between him and myself.

    These departments make it difficult for a man to make a good relationship with others. Everyone has their own issues and people rarely want to take on issues that are not their business.

    I feel this department has stepped out of line and caused myself unnecessary upset and distress. Why are they not accountable to innocent by standers.

  • chall says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Until CMEC completely take over the agency – the CSA is part of the DWP.

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